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What was the reality behind Kim Kardashian and Ray J Sex Scandal?

Kim Kardashian And Ray J Sex Scandal

The new Kardashian family’s show The Kardashians may have only premiered in April 2022, but it has already gained attention due to its interesting content. Whether it is about Kourtney Kardashian’s IVF journey and engagement or Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy, the show has managed to capture viewers’ attention. 

Well, the above-mentioned events might be big in the family show but it was Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J that became the focal point. Moreover, since it is believed that the tape being released in the first place was what catapulted Kim into the limelight. 

So, what is the reality behind Kim Kardashian and Ray J Sex Scandal? Let’s find out below: 

The First Sex Tape And Kardashians Rise To Fame 

As per reports, The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian and singer Ray J aka Ray Norwood dated from 2002-06. The ex-couple apparently filmed the sex tape in 2004 and but the footage was not public until 2007. 

After rumors about the video were out Kim tried to stop the release by filing a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment. The lawsuit was settled a month later and Vivid released the tape titled Kim Kardashian Superstar. It was reported that while the deal was pretty hard to complete both parties received around $5 million each. 

The settlement happened around the time Kardashian’s reality show, Keeping Up With Kardashian premiered. This resulted in people speculating that the family released the tape publicly to promote the show. Well, whatever might be the reason behind the release has helped Kim Kardashian and her family become the celebrity she is now. 

Long Period Of Silence 

While the sex tape was the talk of the town before Keeping Up with the Kardashians was released, the family chose to not address it, leading it to be faded into the background. While it was brought up time and again, there was no lasting impact on Kim. 

On the other hand, Ray J never publicly spoke up about the tape and the events that followed. While he did put out songs like I Hit It First and Famous capitalizing on the scandal, he was not much vocal about the tape and the events. 

Resurgence Of The Tapes 

Well, a long period of silence regarding the sex tape and its unorthodox release led the fans to believe that the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex sandal has worn off. Well, that became far from the truth with the release of Kim’s new show The Kardashians on the horizon. 

Just after Kim had introduced her relationship with SNL cast member Pete Davidson to the public, her estranged husband, Kanye claimed that he had another sex tape of Kardashian and Ray J. Kanye implied that he had recovered the laptop containing the footage and stated that Kim had been upset about it. 

On the other hand, Ray J once again stayed mum about the reports and put out a statement saying that he would not discuss the past. 

Furthermore, Kim’s new show The Kardashian which was released in April 2022 once again made the sex tape one of its storylines. First, it was revealed that one of the reality star’s sons, Saint had stumbled upon an ad on Roblox allegedly featuring her crying face. 

The storyline continued with Kim stating that she would sue people and had enough money and resources to burn the thing to the ground. Well, simultaneously, Kanye was filmed retrieving the laptop which supposedly had the second tape. 

This seems to have caught Ray’s attention as he then stated that all of the things going on were a lie and that he couldn’t let them do this anymore. Then for the first time since the tape was rumored to be released, Ray gave a tell-all interview where he revealed that the Kardashians, mainly Kim and her mom, Kris orchestrated the release. 

The singer also insisted that he had never released a sex tape in his life and that there was a deal between himself, Kris, and Kim regarding their footage. He alleged that the tape was released to increase Kim’s popularity and also stated that the tape was never in his possession. 

Ray J continued to state that he was hurt by the family spinning the tale and portraying Kim as the victim. Moreover, he said that his career suffered because many believe that he was the one who released the sex tape in the first place. 

The tale all interview has shown the world Ray J’s perspective on the whole event. Kim has also not spoken up about the allegations made by Ray publicly yet. Well, it seems like the whole Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sex tape scandal will be an ongoing event since neither parties are willing to stand down regarding their respective story. 

Well, only time will tell, if the scandal will release some hidden truths or if it will be buried for the second time.