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Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown Scandal

Keyshia Cole And Antonio Brown Scandal

American R&B singer and television personality, Keyshia Cole has been in the limelight since the late 1990s due to her music and tv shows. Furthermore, she is also in the news because of her personal life. Most recently, Keyshia has come into the spotlight due to her relationship with American football player Antonio Brown. 

Antonio is an NFL player who previously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He played as a wide receiver and is a free agent now. Like Keyshia, Brown has been in the limelight for many years but most recently, he has found fame because of his burgeoning music career. 

Well, music is one of the things that are common between Keyshia and Antonio. The duo collaborated on the former NFL player’s single Don’t Leave. But their story does not end here and seems to have turned sour. So, stick to the end to see what went wrong between the pair. 

Made Music Together 

Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown were first linked together as they worked on Antonio’s music journey. She collaborated with Antonio, who uses the stage name AB, on his first single, Don’t Leave. 

While there has been no concrete evidence it seems like the pair first met while working together. Keyshia also talked to TMZ and stated that she thought the former Buccaneers player was a talented individual.  

However, their music could not find as much success as expected. Nonetheless, Keyshia seems to have helped launch Antonio’s music career. 

Keyshia Cole And Antonio Brown’s Relationship Scandal 

As aforementioned, the duo worked on the song together for quite a while. Later, Keyshia and Antonio were pictured together online which sparked rumors about them dating. People began speculating about the duo’s relationship after seeing them cozying up to each other. 

The speculation grew even more after the NFL player shared a video on Instagram that appeared to be a clip of Keyshia sporting an AB tattoo on her lower back. He even captioned the post, “You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva. #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin.” 

Well like many people on the internet, Keyshia too saw the post and the adjacent caption and was not very impressed. Later on while on an Instagram live with EJ King, a celebrity stylist, Cole shared her displeasure. 

Keyshia stated that maybe Brown doesn’t know how harsh his words were. She also revealed that even when she talked to him about it rather than understanding the situation the NFL player just asked if she wanted him to change the caption. 

At the same life, the Grammy-nominated artist also revealed that she was trying to figure out her relationship with the football player. But she also stated that Antonio has already made his intentions about her clear. 

However, Antonio too went on Instagram Live to share his own message with his followers. While talking to his followers, Brown reportedly said we don’t want you Keyshia. He also apparently stated that he only goes forward and not back. 

Well, it seems like Antonio Brown seems to have really made his intention clear. He seems to be eager about leaving this part of his life behind and moving on forward. 

Is It Over Between Antonio And Keyshia? 

The Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown Scandal took over the internet for a while and people shared their thoughts regarding their relationship. Few people were even criticizing the R&B diva herself over her relationship with the NFL player. 

At the time, Cole clapped back stating that none of those speculating about her love life knew the truth. On the other hand, she thanked those supporting her. 

Well, since the duo went on their respective Instagram Lives talking about each other and their relationships, Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown have not been seen together. It is unclear if the duo have truly moved on with their life or have only kept their relationship private. 

Well, only time will tell what is really going on between the R&B diva and the NFL player.