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Karl Malone 13 year girl affair scandal – What was it and how did it affect his life?

Karl Malone 13 Year Girl Affair Scandal

Karl Malone is a retired NBA player who is considered one of the greatest power forwards in the league’s history. He played in the NBA from 1985 to 2004 and also served as an assistant coach for Louisiana Tech University for around four years.

While Karl is known for his basketball skills, his legacy is marred by the scandals he has been embroiled in throughout his life. The most talked-about issue surrounding Malone and his family is the affair he had with a 13-year-old girl when he was a 20-year-old man. So, let’s find out what the result of the scandal was and see if his life was affected by it.

Did Karl Malone Really Have An Affair With A Teenager?

Well, the answer to the aforementioned question is yes, the former NBA player did have an affair with the then 13-year-old Gloria Bell. Karl and Gloria reportedly met when he was in college, and the pair had a sexual relationship that resulted in the latter’s pregnancy. Malone committed a heinous crime by impregnating the teenager, but he did not have to face any legal consequences.

Rather, Gloria Bell’s family chose not to pursue criminal charges against the former NBA player. As per Gloria, her family did not want Malone to be behind bars since the two families were neighbors. Moreover, the Bells feared that with Karl jailed, they would not receive support for Gloria and her child.

Well, Karl Malone was lucky enough to not face any charges even after committing a heinous crime. Many even believe that his and Gloria’s sexual relationship could be counted as statutory rape since the NBA player was an adult while Bell was still a teenager.

While Karl did not have to spend time in jail, his life and legacy in the basketball world are still impacted by this incident. Moreover, the steps he took to not acknowledge his child with Gloria also made him a villain in the eyes of the public.

As aforementioned, Karl impregnated Gloria when she was only a teenager, and she gave birth to their son, Demetress Bell, on May 3, 1984. It is unclear if Bell and her family notified Malone about her pregnancy before Demetress was born. But in 1998, The Globe, a tabloid, reported that the former NBA player was embroiled in paternity lawsuits that were filed after he started his professional career.

One of the paternity lawsuits was filed by Gloria Bell and her family in 1996, and the blood test prepared by the family pointed out that there was a 99% probability of Demetress being either Karl Malone or one of his brothers’ sons. Despite this result, the retired NBA player refused to respond to the lawsuit but later reached an out-of-court settlement with the family.

Moreover, it was reported that the judge working on the lawsuit ruled Karl as Demetress Bell’s father since the NBA star failed to respond to the suit. Moreover, the court apparently ruled that Malone was responsible for $125 per week in child support, along with past and future medical expenses. Karl Malone then challenged the ruling, stating that the amount was excessive, but the appeal was adjudicated.

Moreover, as per reports, Gloria and the Bell family received a single lump sum payment from Karl Malone, but how much they received is confidential. Furthermore, Malone had still not acknowledged Demetress as his son. However, the former NBA player did acknowledge and meet his twin daughters, Cheryl Ford and Daryl Ford, after being slapped with a similar paternity lawsuit.

What Happened To Karl Malone’s Child With Gloria Bell?

As stated above, the former Louisiana Tech University assistant coach refused to claim his and Gloria’s child as his own. So, what happened to Karl Malone’s son, Demetress Bell? Well, Demetress was raised by his mother and her family and has stated that he never needed a father figure. He definitely had an amazing childhood as he grew up to become a well-known football player.

Apart from his relationship with Karl Malone, Demetress is recognized as an NFL player who played for the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. While he is not playing in professional games anymore, Bell is also known for playing basketball at Northwestern State University and was one of the four NCAA athletes who played basketball and football in 2007’s Division I.

Moreover, Karl and Demetress only spoke on one occasion until 2014. Bell once stated that he did not know about his dad until graduating from high school. However, other reports suggest that, as a teenager, the former NFL player was hurt by his father’s refusal to acknowledge him.

After the initial difficulties in their relationship, Karl Malone and Demetress Bell began to mend their relationship around 2014. While neither of them talked much about it, in 2018, Bell stated that he and his father conversed daily and had even gone on a hunting trip together.

It seems like the father-son relationship has seen a bright light in recent years. And while this is a positive thing in Karl Malone’s life, the conception of Demetress and the following paternity lawsuit are a big stain on everything he has achieved professionally.