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Who is Tatiana Maslany Dating? Who is her husband?

Tatiana Maslany

Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany found fame for playing multiple characters in the tv show Orphan Black. She wowed the audience with her performances in the show and also won an Emmy Award. She has once again found fame as she will play the titular role of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk in Disney+’s show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. 

 Well, with her continued success in her acting career, it is no surprise that fans are also interested in knowing about her love life. So, today let’s see who Tatiana is dating and find out if she has been married. 

Who Is Tatiana Maslany’s Boyfriend? 

Tatiana Maslany had always been quite secretive about her personal life so it came as a surprise when she started walking the red carpet with actor Brendan Hines. The pair were first seen together having dinner with Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk co-star Tim Roth, in July 2021. 

However, fans had been speculating about the couple long before their first sighting. According to Just Jared, Tatiana’s supporters had talked about her dating Brendan since December 2020. But there had been no concrete evidence behind it and many thought they were only rumors. 

Well seeing as they have made their relationship red carpet official, it is clear that Brendan is Tatiana Maslany’s boyfriend. The duo has been pictured attending premieres of Everything Everything All At Once and X. 

Most recently, Maslany and her boyfriend posed together at the opening night of Broadway’s Take Me Out in New York. Well, we hope the couple does not shy away from the limelight and shares details about their relationship in the coming days. 

Is Tatiana Maslany Married? 

As aforementioned, Tatiana Maslany is currently dating actor Brendan Hines and the duo made their relationship official in 2022. The couple has only been together for a while now but many sites and fans are eagerly waiting for Tatiana to get married soon. 

Also, there have been many questions about if Tatiana has been married before. Well, as far as we know she has not tied the knot with anyone yet. However, she was formerly linked with another actor named Tom Cullen. 

As per The Sun, Tatiana and Tom started dating in 2011. The pair first met each other while filming a miniseries and fell in love then. They also starred in The Other Half, an indie movie released in 2016. Moreover, Tom directed Pink Wall which starred him and his then-girlfriend in the lead roles. 

Tatiana and Tom were together for several years but their long-term relationship did not result in marriage. The duo, however, might have thought about marriage since Tom once talked about popping the question in an interview. 

While talking to People in 2017, Cullen revealed that he had been thinking about popping the question to his girlfriend Tatiana. This was after Tom’s friend, Kit Harington was set to marry his fiance Rose Leslie. Tom even stated that he was waiting for his then-partner to put a ring on her. 

Sadly, the relationship between Tatiana and her then-boyfriend did not have a happy ending. Rather than getting engaged and marrying each other, after almost a decade together, the duo ended their relationship. 

While neither Maslany nor Cullen talked about their relationship, fans of the couple began speculating that the duo was no longer together in 2020. Fans found out that the former pair had unfollowed each other on social media and also speculated that Tatiana had moved out of the LA home they shared. 

The couple did not put out any official statements regarding their breakup. But since Tatiana has already made her relationship with Brendan Hines official, it is clear that she has moved on with her life. 

Well, while her previous relationship did not result in marriage, we hope to see Tatiana walking down the aisle in the coming days.