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Who Is Matt Kaplan? Interesting Facts About Him 

Matt Kaplan

Actors and actresses in Hollywood have been in the spotlight for years since they are onscreen and are the face of movies and television projects. However, there are many other behind-the-scenes people who play a huge role in the making and success of any project, and among them are producers. 

One such producer who has been instrumental in making fan-favorite tv shows and movies is Matt Kaplan. He is a young producer who is best known for producing the Netflix romcom To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. 

While many have watched and loved his films, viewers may not be aware of who Matt Kaplan is. So, today let’s get to know Matt and learn all about him. 

Is A Columbia University Graduate 

Mattew Kaplan aka Matt Kaplan was born and brought up in the US. While it is unclear which high school he graduated from it is common knowledge that he attended Columbia University. He was interested in making movies from an early age so studied film and took directing and writing classes in Columbia. 

Along with movies, Kaplan was also interested in football and was part of the college football team. He reportedly played as a quarterback but seems to have left his love for the sports behind. Today, Matt is known for producing numerous successful movies and television series. Well, in an alternate universe, maybe we would have recognized him as an NFL player. 

Matt’s Career As A Producer 

As aforementioned, Matt Kaplan was interested in making movies from an early age. After graduating from college he started making short videos with friends. However, after not getting attention in the videos he ended up in Lionsgate, a film studio, and started working as an assistant. He made his way up to be an executive and was apparently a part of the team working on The Hunger Games. 

Afterward, Kaplan wanted to be the one to make big decisions even though he was a younger executive. So he started producing short films, movies, and tv series. Some of the earlier projects that Matt worked on are Birth of the Vampire, Greek to Chic, BBQ Bill, and Clark and Michael. 

Matt Kaplan continued producing movies like The Darkness, Shovel Buddies, Dance Camp, Straight Outta Oz, and Stephanie and also executive produced the shows Versus and My Dead Ex. However, it wasn’t until he produced the Netflix movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Matt came into the limelight. 

The successful producer also worked on two of the To All the Boys sequels and several other films namely The Perfect Date, Don’t Let Go, Body Cam, Spontaneous, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Moreover, he has many upcoming projects to his name which will undoubtedly bring more fame to Matt Kaplan’s way. 

Was Previously Married 

Along with his successful career as a producer, Matt Kaplan was also in the news due to his relationship with the Australian actress Claire Holt. The couple was together for a long time before Matt popped the question in 2015. 

After being engaged for a year, Matt and Claire tied the knot on 28 April 2016. The couple seemed deep in love and shared a few pictures of their lovely wedding ceremony with the fans. However, their marriage was not as great as it looked like since Matt filed for divorce a day before their first wedding anniversary. 

 It is unclear what went wrong between the former couple since neither of them talked about it to the media. Moreover, Matt Kaplan’s ex-wife moved on soon after and is now married to Andrew Joblon. Holt has also welcomed two kids with her current husband. 

 As for Kaplan, after the divorce, he preferred to keep his relationships private. But rumors about him finding love has been circulating for a while now. 

Who Is Matt Kaplan’s Girlfriend? 

As aforementioned, Matt Kaplan was previously married to actress Claire Holt and after the divorce, he chose to keep his relationship private. However, rumors have circulated that he is currently dating podcaster, Alexandra Cooper. 

The pair did not explicitly state that they were dating. But fans began speculating about their relationship after Alexandra aka Alex Cooper revealed that she was dating a man and coined him Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Alex only shared that her boyfriend is a movie producer and an actor. 

Fans began sleuthing soon after to find out who Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is and came to the conclusion that he was Matt Kaplan. Well, there is still no official confirmation if Alexandra is truly Matt Kaplan’s girlfriend. 

Well, whether Matt Kaplan and Alex Copper are together is unclear but let’s hope we will find out the truth soon.