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Who Is Andrew Joblon – Spouse of Claire Holt

Andrew Joblon

Claire Holt is an Australian actress who first found fame as Emma Gilbert in the teen fantasy drama H2O: Just Add Water. She is also known for her performance as Rebekah Mikaelson in the show The Vampire Diaries and its spin-offs. 

Well, thanks to her successful acting career, Claire Holt’s husband Andrew Joblon has also found fame. While he is not involved in the entertainment business, Andrew is a well-known name among Holt’s fan base. So, today let’s learn more about Claire’s spouse. 

Married To Claire Since 2018 

As aforementioned, Andrew came into the limelight as the Australian actress Claire Holt’s partner. The pair started dating in 2017 and even went on a romantic getaway in July of the same year. Only a few months into their relationship, Joblon proposed to his then-girlfriend. Claire shared the amazing news on her Instagram along with a picture of her kissing her fiancé. 

The following year, on August 18, Andrew and Claire tied the knot in California. Both of them shared pictures from the ceremony. Joblon’s wife looked beautiful in a lace dress while he sported a tailored suit. Moreover, the pair’s dog, Teddy Holt-Joblon also dressed up for the occasion. 

Since their marriage in 2018, the Holt-Joblon couple has enjoyed a blissful marital life. They have even expanded their family and are living happy life. 

Is A Father Of Two 

Not only has Andrew found his life partner, but he has also experienced fatherhood. He and his wife, Claire Holt have welcomed two kids together. Andrew Joblon’s son, James Holt Joblon was born on March 28, 2019, while his daughter, Elle Holt Joblon was born on the 12th of September 2020. 

Claire Holt’s husband is a very hands-on dad and loves spending his time with the little ones. Also, during the first pregnancy, Claire’s doctor stated that the pair were expecting a girl. As a result, the couple was preparing for a girl. However, at the gender reveal party, Holt and Joblon found out that they were having a boy. 

Well, the Holt-Joblon pair did welcome a girl, the second time around, and now are enjoying their life as a family of four. Andrew’s Instagram page is even filled with pictures of his wife and his children. 

Is A Real Estate Executive 

While Andrew is recognized as Claire Holt’s spouse by most, those involved in the real estate business might be aware of his professional accomplishments. Joblon is the founder and managing principal of the investment company, Turnbridge Equities. The company was established in 2015 and operates in New York City, Austin, and Miami. 

Before Turnbridge Equities, Claire’s husband worked as a Senior Vice President at Fisher Brothers from 2006 to 2014. He was also a financial analyst for the CWCapital for a few months as per his LinkedIn. Andrew utilized his BBA in Finance degree from The George Washington University School of Business.

Currently, Joblon is enjoying a successful professional journey alongside his personal life. Is Secretive About His Family 

Aforementioned, Andrew Joblon does not hesitate to show off his life partner and their children on his social media pages. However, he is very secretive about his early life and his parents. However, he once mentioned his brother, Matthew Joblon wishing him a Happy Birthday. 

Well, Andrew’s brother, Matt is also a real estate executive having served as a founding partner and CEO of BMC Investments. Matthew is based in Denver and has been involved in the real estate venture there. Moreover, he has a BBA in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Finance from Babson College. 

Apart from these few tidbits about his brother, not much is known about Andrew’s other family members. Well, we hope to learn more about Claire Holt’s spouse in the coming days.