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Mia Healey Relationship Status! Who Is She Dating Now?

Mia Healey Relationship Status

Amazon Prime’s The Wilds has helped many up-and-coming stars to find immense fame. Among them is the Australian actress and model Mia Healey. The blonde beauty managed to impress viewers with her amazing acting skill. Many might even recognize her mostly as Shelby Goodkind.

Well, along with her acting, Mia also gained popularity due to her onscreen romance with actress Erana James. Also, fans are also interested in learning about Mia Healey’s relationship status. So, let’s learn a few things about her love life.

Mia Is Bisexual

The Australian actress played a queer character, Shelby Goodkind in The Wilds. And not only on screen, but Mia is also part of the LGBTQ community in real life. Healey has identified herself as bisexual on her Instagram on multiple occasions.

Healey has not talked much about her sexuality but she does not hesitate to share her orientation. Moreover, she has not revealed much about her love life even though fans are pretty curious about who Mia Healey is dating now.

Nonetheless, Mia and her character, Shelby being queer have helped fans accept themselves and their identity.

Is Mia Dating Her Onscreen Lover?

As mentioned above, Mia and her The Wilds costar, Erana James, who plays Toni, have shown their amazing chemistry on screen. Shelby and Toni are seen falling for each on the series so it is no surprise that fans speculated if the actresses too are dating.

Mia Healey and Erana James have been questioned about their on-screen chemistry as well as their real-life relationship by fans. While neither of them answered these inquiries at the beginning, Mia and Erana talked about their relationship.

While answering a fan question on Instagram live about if they were dating, Mia paused for a while before stating “ maybe a little bit.” Erana then added that she loved her co-star while Healey exclaimed “You Better.”

Well, the onscreen pair neither accepted nor denied dating each other. Also, it seems like the duo are great friends and share a great bond. In one interview, Erana James shared a funny story about Mia messaging a guy on the phone.

While fans may be disappointed about the answer, they can see the chemistry between the two beautiful actresses in the show The Wilds. We hope to learn more about the bond between Mia and Erana, her onscreen girlfriend.

Who Is Mia Dating Now?

The Australian actress did not confirm if she was dating her co-star Erana James. So many want to know who Mia Healey is dating now. Well, sadly, she has not talked much about her love life and has not introduced a boyfriend or a girlfriend to her fans.

Nonetheless, Mia’s Instagram profile is full of pictures of her with beautiful people. She has not announced her relationship status yet. But in May 2022, Healey shared a picture with Zach Zumbusch. The duo even talked about rumors and dating confirmed in a comment. It seems like the pair are joking about their relationship status.

Well, it seems like the answer to the question, “Who Is Mia Healey Dating?” is a big mystery. Nonetheless, we hope to learn about her partner soon.