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An Overview Of Glen Powell Movies And TV Shows

An Overview Of Glen Powell Movies And Tv Shows

Top Gun: Maverick, the long-awaited sequel to the 1986 blockbuster film Top Gun, has taken the world by storm. Not only has the film managed to earn over $1 billion at the box office, but the story itself has received critical acclaim. Moreover, along with the movie, the actors, both new and old, who have starred in Top Gun: Maverick has also seen an uptick in their popularity.

Among the many stars who have been in the news is the Austin, Texas, native, Glen Powell. So if you are also among the millions who are interested in learning more about Glen, here is an overview of his career, including the movies and television series he has starred in so far.

But first, let’s see when the Top Gun: Maverick star began his acting career.

When Did Glen Powell Start Acting?

Glen Powell was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and has dreamed of becoming an actor since he was a child. He attended Westwood High School and later the University of Texas at Austin, and he might have been involved in the acting department in both.

While Glen has not shared much about how he caught the acting bug, he was in high school when he made his debut. So, let’s take a look into Powell’s career as an actor and learn more about the projects he has worked on.

Did Glen Make His Acting Debut In Movies?

As stated above, Glen Powell was a teenager when he appeared in his first project and went on to star in many popular projects as an adult. And the answer to the above question is, yes, Glen did make his acting debut in movies. Powell’s first on-screen appearance was in the 2003 film, Spy Kids 3: Game Over. He was then recognized as Glen Powell Jr. and had a brief part in the movie. Moreover, his mom, who was on set with him, also played a small part in it.

Following Spy Kids, Glen had small roles in other movies such as Jumping Off Bridges, The Wendell Baker Story, Fast Food Nation, and The Hottest State. But it was his work in The Great Debaters, which was directed by and also starred Denzel Washington, that gained recognition.

The actor then started using Glen Powell as his stage name and starred in movies like The Pig and Barrio Tales. His next movie project was DC’s The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, and in it, he had his head smashed on a desk by Tom Hardy. Two years later, Glen appeared as Thorn in The Expendables 3 and also had a significant part in the movie Sex Ed.

Powell also starred in films like Red Wing, Best Friends Forever, April Apocalypse, Wind Walkers, Misconduct, and Ride Along 2. His popularity then rose with his appearances in successful movies such as Everybody Wants Some!!, Hidden Figures, Sand Castle, The Bad Guys, and Set It Up, to name a few.

However, it is his work as Lt. Jake Seresin, aka Hangman, in Top Gun: Maverick that has pushed Glen to worldwide fame. Moreover, the film has already earned more than a billion dollars at the box office, so Powell will also earn a big sum for his work in it.

What Shows Is Glen Powell In?

Glen has clearly found fame through his film career, but many people are also curious about his work on the small screen. Well, Glen Powell’s first foray into the television world was in 2004 with the pilot of Jack and Bobby. Following this, he appeared in “Into the West” in 2015 and a slew of short films.

Furthermore, Glen has starred in episodes of television series like CSI: Miami, Without a Trace, Rizzoli & Isles, and The Lying Game, and also had a small part in NCIS. However, it was his performance as Chad Radwell in Scream Queens that cemented Glen Powell’s career as a television actor. He played one of the main characters in season one of the show and reprised the part in the following season.

The Texas native then appeared as Trent in the shows All Hail King Julien and All Hail King Julien: Exiled in 2017 and Piston Frank in Robot Chicken in 2020. Moreover, 2020 also saw Glen voicing the character Dave in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The following year, he worked on the podcast series 10 Days as Danny Miles.

Glen Powell has continued to work in both the television and movie industries throughout his career. And we hope that in the coming days, we will see Powell playing interesting characters on the big screen as well as the small screen. We wish the actor all the best for his future.