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Zelda Barnz Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationship

Zelda Barnz Biography

Children following in their parent’s footsteps is not a new concept. Growing up in a set environment with your parents pursuing a specific career helps kids know more about the field. This result leads to the young ones also working in the same field, be it health services, business, and more, in the future. Well, the entertainment world is also filled with parents-children duos who have found fame from their respective works.

Among the many young individuals who are currently establishing a name for themselves in the movie business is Zelda Barnz. She is among the many young artists who come from a family of entertainers and is now pursuing a career in the same field as her parents. Well, let’s take a look at Zelda’s life story to this day.

Where Did Zelda Barnz Grow Up?

Zelda Barnz was raised in Los Angeles, California by her parents, Daniel Barnz and Ben Barnz. She was adopted by her fathers at a young age and spent much of her life in LA. She also grew up alongside her younger brother, Dashiell Barnz and the family shares a close bond. The family name aka Barnz is the mashup of Ben and Daniel’s original last names, Schwartz and Bernstein.

Talking about families, Zelda and Dashiell reportedly come from two different biological families and were adopted by Ben and Daniel as babies. Moreover, Zelda Barnz’s parents are very supportive of her and her younger brother.

While there is no concrete information about her educational background, we do know that Zelda Barnz took a gap year after completing her high school studies. Following this, she joined the prestigious Yale University, and as of November 2022, is continuing her classes. She reportedly wants to continue her work as a writer.

When Did Zelda Barnz’s Professional Career Start?

As aforementioned, Zelda Barnz is a Yale student and had taken a gap year before enrolling. And while many high school graduates fulfill their dream of traveling during their gap year, Zelda’s break actually resulted in a television series. Barnz has stated that her gap year was isolating since it was in the middle of the pandemic but working in a TV show made up for it.

Well, the television series that Zelda Barnz worked on during her gap year is the now-canceled HBO Max show, Generation. She is the writer and co-creator of the show and also served as an executive producer. Barnz apparently started writing the story when she was seventeen, but as a book with the angle of it being adapted into a television series later. However, her dad, Daniel, suggested that if she wanted it to be a show at one point, she could just start writing a script herself.

Following this, Zelda and Daniel, a writer and director himself, started working on the project together. Daniel guided his daughter with her writing journey and the script of the show, Generation, was born soon after. Additionally Zelda Barnz’s other dad, Ben Barnz too was onboard the process. Both Ben and Daniel thought that this was an amazing opportunity for Zelda to learn about the behind the scene work in television shows.

The production of Generation went underway during the middle of the pandemic while Zelda was on her gap year. She was on the set for most of the filming days and got the chance to interact with the cast members. A few of the stars who worked on the series are Chloe East, Nathanya Alexander, Justice Smith, Lukita Maxwell, Martha Plimpton, and Haley Sanchez.

Besides Zelda, both of her fathers, Ben and Daniel and the star, Lena Dunham too served as executive producers. Daniel also directed a few episodes and is credited as a writer and co-creator of Generation. The show premiered in March 2021 and was a big hit among audiences. But sadly, it was canceled in September 2021 after only one season.

Despite the cancellation, Zelda Barnz remained positive regarding the process and shared good words about her experience. And while she is focused on her education now, we can assume that Barnz will create more projects in the coming days.

Is Zelda Barnz In A Relationship?

As per Zelda herself, the first seed of the show, Generation was planted when she came out to her fathers at the age of 15. She was in summer camp at the time and came out as bisexual to her parents through a letter that she sent home detailing her time at the camp. Barnz’s dads were unsurprisingly supportive of her and continue to be a pillar of support for her.

Well, while the creator of Generation has shared her coming out story to the media, details about her relationship status is a big mystery. Who Zelda Barnz’s partner is or if she has any is unclear and her social media pages also do not give us any clue regarding the matter. But let’s hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about the talented individual.