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Vivienne Acheampong Biography – Family, Career & Relationship

Vivienne Acheampong Biography

Vivienne Acheampong is a comedian and actress who first found success in her stage career. Her prominence grew exponentially after appearing in the fantasy drama, The Sandman. She has also worked on many other projects other the years including The Witches, Ellie & Natasia, The One and more.

Well, thanks to her newfound fame, fans have shown interest in knowing more about Vivienne’s life away from the entertainment world. Thus, in this biography we will take a look at Acheampong’s family life, career, relationship status and more.

Where Is Vivienne Acheampong From?

The talented actor was born and brought up in London, England. While there is no concrete evidence about it, Google Search results suggest that she was born on November 30, 1984. A look through Vivienne Acheampong’s Instagram shows us that the actress has a sister named Barbara Acheampong. We also do know that she is of Ghanaian ancestry.

Also, sadly, Vivienne Acheampong’s father is no longer alive but information regarding her mom is scarce. In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress revealed that she cut all of her hair after losing her father. And one of her cousins from Ghana later told her that in their tribe, women cut their hair when their father died. So, it seems like even unknowingly, Acheampong managed to honor her heritage.

Vivienne apparently impersonated her siblings and aunts while growing up which seems to be her first try at comedy and acting. Few reports suggest that she attended the prestigious BRIT School Croydon, England. However, according to her profile on Famous Birthdays, Acheampong studied psychology and law in college while also taking drama courses on the side.

Well, whatever might be her true educational background, the British actress now has found success in the acting industry.

What Projects Has Vivienne Acheampong Worked On?

Vivienne Acheampong worked as a primary school substitute teacher while she was working hard to further her acting career. Her comedy journey apparently started in 2013 when she competed in the Funny Women Awards. She was a semifinalist on the show and went on to perform a one-woman show titled Rainbow Class. The show was based on Acheampong’s experience as a teacher and the real-life people that she interacted with.

Rainbow Class was written and performed by Vivienne herself and premiered at Camden Fringe in 2015 and also performed the show at RADAR Festival. But even before Rainbow Class, Acheampong had amassed a spectacular theater credits which includes The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Julius Caesar, Raving Loony, Santa’s Not Coming to Town and Titus Andronicus. She also appeared in City of Glass, Elegies For Angels, Punks & Raging Queens, Nassim, and Is God Is to name a few.

As per her IMDb profile, Vivienne Acheampong’s on screen journey started in 2015 with her appearance in the movie The Trap. She then had brief roles in shows such as Doctors, The Aliens, We the Jury, Holby City, Turn Up Charlie, Death in Paradise and The Other One. Moreover, she also provided voice in the 2018 video game World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

Acheampong played various characters in the sketch comedy series, Famalam from 2018 to 2020, The Emily Atack Show in 2020. She also appeared in comedians Natasia Demetriou and Ellie White’s show, Ellie & Natasia. However, Vivienne’s breakthrough came in 2022 after she starred as Lucienne in the Netflix fantasy series The Sandman.

While the character of Lucienne was male and named Lucien in the original comics, Vivienne was told by the creator, Neil Gaiman, that she should trust in herself and her work. Coming from a comedy background, Acheampong reportedly had some difficulties adjusting in the fantasy genre. But looking at the talented actress’ performance on the show, it looks like she was made for the role and genre.

Well, Vivienne Acheampong’s career is flourishing well and she already has a few new projects in the works. She is set to star in Netflix’s The F**k it Bucket in the coming days and there are even more works in the coming days. We wish the talented actress more success with her career.

Is Vivienne Acheampong In A Relationship?

The Sandman star might have found international fame for her performance on the show, but she still keeps much of her life away from the spotlight. She has not shared any details about her relationship status and seems to be happy keeping it hidden from the media.

Moreover, a look through her Instagram also does not give us any clue regarding who Vivienne Acheampong’s partner is or if she even has any. But we hope that in the coming days we will get to know more about her life and family.