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Vico Ortiz Biography – Childhood, Family & Relationship

Vico Ortiz Biography

Vico Ortiz is an actor, drag king, and activist who uses the pronouns they/them. Ortiz started their career in 2011 and has since worked on over 60 acting projects. Many recognize Vico for their performances in projects such as Recon, These Thems, Flavor of Life, Vida, and most recently Our Flag Means Death.

Well, with their flourishing career, people have shown interest in knowing more about Vico and their life. So, let’s take a look at Ortiz’s biography and get to know more about their childhood, family, and many more.

Where Did Vico Ortiz Grow Up?

The Our Flag Means Death star was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 10, 1991. While they have not shared much regarding their childhood, the actor is a proud Latine individual and does not hesitate to celebrate their heritage. Vico’s mother tongue is Spanish and they also speak English fluently.

Sadly, there is no information regarding Vico Ortiz’s parents and also if they have any siblings is also unknown. But the talented actor has shared a few pictures of their family and talked about how their parents were embedded in the theater community. Moreover, Vico too Nonetheless, we hope that Vico experienced a wonderful childhood.

As for their education, Vico might have completed their high school studies in their hometown. Following the completion of their studies, Ortiz moved to Los Angeles and attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. They had a dream of pursuing a career in acting and have now fulfilled it.

When Did Vico Ortiz Start Their Acting Career?

As aforementioned, Vico Ortiz moved to Los Angeles and trained at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts to pursue a career in acting. But the performing arts were not the first thing that interested the Puerto Rican star. They had taken up fencing as an 11-year-old and by the age of 13 were part of the national team.

However, Ortiz was more drawn to acting and storytelling so they retired from Puerto Rico’s national fencing team and chased their acting dream. Vico’s acting debut came in 2011 when they appeared in Oprah’s Audience Moves On and Seminarista. They were credited as Victoria Ortiz in these works. Following this, they had small parts in projects such as Roommates, Good Cops, Rosita Lopez for President, Marvin Marvin, Bad Audition, Little Bridal Shop of Horrors, and The House on South Bronson.

Listed below are a few other movies, TV shows, and short films that Vico Ortiz appeared on:

  • Real Men Pay
  • Distance
  • The Realms of Labyrinth
  • Just a Guy II
  • The Fosters
  • Ray Donovan
  • G.B.T. Love Stories
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Aliens
  • Sigourney Weaver
  • Chrome46
  • Stargate Origins
  • Stargate Origins: Catherine
  • Lucifer
  • Fowl Seas

After making guest appearances in many television series throughout the years, Vico Ortiz booked the part of Ren St. Clair, one of the main characters in the queer web series, Recon. While the show only had 12 episodes, Vico’s performance was applauded by many.

The following year, Ortiz played a non-binary character, Vero in another web series, These Themes, and also wrote the Spanish subtitles for it. Moreover, they had a significant part in the 2019 movie Flavor of Life and made brief appearances in 9-1-1, Jane the Virgin, and American Horror Story. 2020 saw Vico guest starring in Indebted, Vida, Hot Spot and also working on the short films 5:03 and Abby & Emily Go to Palm Springs. Moreover, they also started using their name, Vico Ortiz this year.

Vico’s prominence continued to grow with their appearances in television projects such as Shy Willow, Everything’s Gonna be Okay, First Date, The Casagrande, and others. Moreover, they booked the part of the recurring character, Sgt. Vicky Valencia in the Mexican horror fiction show. They also appeared in four episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls and played varied parts in the movies, Calle de la Resistencia and What Will Be Here?

The Puerto Rican actor’s breakthrough role was as the gender non-confirming character credited as Jim as well as Bonifacio in the period rom-com series, Our Flag Means Death. They play one of few gender-non-confirming characters in today’s television world and have received much acclaim for their performance.

Vico Ortiz’s net worth might already be a decent amount, thanks to their acting journey. And with their career flourishing more, there is no doubt that their fortune will rise in the coming days. Moreover, they have also taken up drag and go by Vico Suave as a drag king. They also have another drag persona named AJ while performing with the boy band, the Backstreet Butches.

Well, we wish Vico Ortiz all the best for their future.

Is Vico Ortiz In A Relationship?

While the Puerto Rican actor has been open about their identity, the same cannot be said about their love life. Vico Ortiz identified as genderfluid, non-binary, and uses they/them pronouns (elle/le/e in Spanish). They compared their gender to the waterbed stating that it was constantly moving in a fun way.

Well, while they are open about their identity, we might have to wait for a while to know more about Vico Ortiz’s partner. But we hope the talented actor is enjoying a wonderful life.