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Vanessa Valladares Biography – Childhood, Profession & Relationships

Vanessa Valladares Biography

Former Disney star, Zac Efron is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Whether as a teen heartthrob or a bonafide movie star, Zac has been in millions of people’s minds for several years now. And along with his career trajectory, fans also show a keen interest in his personal life. Who Zac Efron is dating now is a question in everyone’s mind.

Well, as a result of people showing interest in his life, many of Zac’s relationships have been in the spotlight. One of his most talked about love affairs is with the Australian beauty Vanessa Valladares. While the pair are no longer together, this has led to many wanting to know who Vanessa is.

So, today we will take a look at her biography and get to know her better.

Where Did Vanessa Valladares Grow Up?

Zac Efron’s ex-girlfriend was born and brought up in Australia. According to Famous Birthday, Vanessa Valladares’ birthday is on August 13, 1995. But besides this small tidbit of information not much is known about the model’s childhood.

Moreover, Valladares has not opened up about her family too. She has remained secretive about her parents and whether Vanessa has any siblings. Well, let’s hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about what Vanessa’s childhood and family are like.

What Does Vanessa Valladares Do Professionally?

Talking about her professional journey, Vanessa seems to have started working as a professional model. She shared a few professional shots on her Instagram but has since deleted all of her pictures from her social media pages. Moreover, Australian beauty reportedly modeled for the labels Spell and Love St.

In November 2021, Daily Mail reported that the beautiful Vanessa was spotted working at a local clothing store in Byron Bay. Valladares was seen greeting customers at the store, Del Rainbow, and also chatting with her co-workers. It is unclear if Vanessa continued to work at the store or if she turned her focus to her modeling career.

While Vanessa Valladares found an interest in modeling later on, she was apparently waiting tables at a cafe in Byron Bay. She worked at the General Store cafe and apparently met Zac Efron there. After the start of their relationship, Vanessa reportedly left her job. It was reported that they moved in together at Zac’s rented home.

Well, Valladares seems to have started her journey into the entertainment world through modeling. And whatever she decides to do next, we hope she finds much success.

Who Is Vanessa Valladares Dating?

Well, Vanessa Valladares came into the limelight after she was linked to the Hollywood star Zac Efron in July 2020. Even though she was not addressed as his girlfriend initially, reports about Zac spending time with a mystery woman in Australia were circulated. Efron kept much of his life in Australia private but in September 2020, the pair were pictured together holding hands.

Valladares gained much prominence after confirming her relationship with Zac through these pictures. The pair apparently lived together three months into their romance and were spotted enjoying a ski trip together. While Vanessa and Efron were spotted together multiple times, the pair themselves never confirmed their relationship.

Sadly, after 10 months of dating, it was reported that Vanessa and Zac had ended their relationship in April 2021. The news came after it was falsely reported that they had gone separate ways in November 2020. Moreover, the duo continued to remain quiet regarding their relationship and breakup.

Vanessa continued to live her life in Australia while Zac went on to his busy schedule. Moreover, in January 2022, the Australian beauty debuted her romance with her new beau Todd Clare. Valladares continued sharing pictures with her boyfriend and was also pictured together with Todd.

Well, we hope Vanessa and Todd’s relationship is going well.