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Valarie Harding Biography – Childhood, Career & Marriage

Valarie Harding Biography

The popular singing reality competition show, The Voice has introduced many powerful vocalists throughout its 20+ season run. While only a few get the crown, there are many memorable singers who have wowed the audiences since their first appearance in the show. Among those who have managed to leave a mark on people’s minds is the season 22 contestant, Valarie Harding.

Well, even though she has been singing throughout her life, Valarie has only recently gained fame for her singing skills due to The Voice. And as a result of her fame, people are also eager to know more about her personal life. So, here we will take a look at her biography and get to know her better.

Where Is Valarie Harding From?

Valarie Harding aka Valarie Collins-Harding is reportedly from Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA. She grew up singing in the church in her hometown. Moreover, the talented individual even traveled with her mom and other family members to perform at various events and churches.

While she has not talked much about her early life and family, Harding has shared how she has been singing all her life. While the identity of Valarie Harding’s parents and family members is a mystery, seeing her talk about her singing journey shows us that she comes from an artistic background.

Just like much of her early life and family, there is no detailed information about Harding’s educational background. But we hope that she had a wonderful time while completing her studies.

When Did Valarie Harding Start Her Professional Journey?

Aforementioned, Valarie Harding grew up in Muskogee singing songs at events and churches. And she continued with her art even after moving to Tulsa as a young adult. As per various sources, she was part of The Summit Community Mass Choir having first joined in 11.

Well, Harding reportedly traveled nationally, providing background vocals for gospel artists such as Frank Williams, Vicki Winans, Kirk Franklin, Timothy Wright, and many more. She undoubtedly had a wonderful time not only visiting numerous places but also showcasing her amazing skills.

Then in 2004, Valarie Harding joined the popular Tulsa band, Black Wall Street Band as the lead singer. She shares the stage with her husband, Parry Harding, who is the guitarist in the group. Black Wall Street Band might not have found national attention, but in Tulsa, they were popular. They apparently performed at various events including, birthdays, weddings as well as music festivals.

Valarie Harding and the Black Wall Street Band’s fame continued to grow which resulted in them securing a regular night performance at a bar in Tulsa. They conducted a Thursday night residency at the Black-owned bar, Retro Grill and Bar for over a year and a half before Harding gained attention through The Voice.

Well, family and friends had been suggesting Valarie audition for singing competition shows for a long time. However, she hesitated since she already had a busy life in Tulsa. But after initial hesitation, Valarie Harding decided to apply for an audition and received good news soon after. She got a callback and Valarie then wowed the judges in the blind audition with her rendition of Something He Can Feel, by Aretha Franklin.

Well, anyone who has watched the show knows that Valarie Harding had judges transfixed with her performance. Moreover, John Legend, an award-winning artist, not only praised her cover but also her skills. Well, after this, Harding unsurprisingly chose Legend as her coach and she is now continuing her journey in the show.

The journey from singing in church as a young girl to wowing recording artists and millions of people around the world is undoubtedly surreal for Valarie Harding. But her singing skills and her warm demeanor has helped her become a top contender in season 22 of The Voice. We wish Harding all the best for her upcoming days.

Who Is Valarie Harding Married To?

As stated above, the band, Black Wall Street Band was not only a place for Valarie to sing in but she also met her future husband through it. The duo has been together for a while now seeing as the band has been performing together for almost two decades now.

However, not much is known about Valarie Harding’s husband Parry Harding, and their relationship. While we are aware that Parry is a guitarist in the band, it is unclear if he does any other work professionally. Moreover, details about how their romance started and when they tied the knot are a big mystery.

Well, we hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about Valarie and Parry Harding’s relationship and family life.