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Tom Morello Biography – Family, Career & Net Worth

Tom Morello Biography

Music is one thing that connects people who come from vastly different worlds. Whether it is bopping to the tune or connecting with the words in a song, music as a whole is one of the most talked about subjects in the world. As a result of this, musicians in general have become a big part of people’s lives. Many might only play a set of instruments while others have beautiful voices that help others resonate with the lyrics. Well among the long list of individuals who is known for their music is Tom Morello.

Tom is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter who is best recognized for his time with bands such as Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine. Morello has continued on with his music career working solo and with other artists. He has gained a huge following for his art but fans have also shown an interest in his life.

Where Was Tom Morello Born?

The talented musician was born Thomas Baptist Morello in Harlem, New York City, on May 30, 1964. Tom Morello’s parents are Mary Morello and Ngethe Njoroge but he was raised by his mother alone. His dad is a well known individual in Kenya since he participated in the Mau Mau Uprising.

Moreover, when Tom was just 16 months old, Njoroge returned to Kenya and denied the paternity of his son.

Following this, Morello was raised by his mom, Mary in Libertyville, Illinois. He is an only child and has Italian, Irish, and Kenyan Kikuyu ancestry. Tom’s mother worked as a schoolteacher in Illinois having earned her Master of Arts degree from Loyola University in Chicago.

As for Tom’s educational background, he attended the Libertyville High School in his hometown. He graduated with honors in June 1982 and then enrolled at Harvard University to study political science. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in social studies in 1986.

When Did Tom Morello Start His Professional Journey?

Aforementioned, Morello graduated with a degree in social studies from Harvard University in 1986. He then moved to Los Angeles but had to work as a exotic dancer to support himself. He also worked in the office of Alan Cranston, a United States Senator for a year from 1987 to 1988. However, the experience was negative for Tom.

As for his music career, Tom had first been involved in the band scene as a member of the cover band Nebula as a 13 year old. He purchased his first guitar then but studied the instrument seriously in 1982. That same year he established a band named Electric Sheep with his schoolmate Adam Jones. Following this, in 1987, Morello became a part of the band Lock Up and played guitar there. He was with them till 1990.

The following year, Tom formed his own band named Rage Against the Machine with Zack de la Rocha in lead vocals, Tim Commerford in bass and backing vocals and Brad Wilk in drums while Morello played the guitar. The band signed a recording deal in 1992 with Epic Records and released their self-titled album the same year.

Since its formation, Rage Against the Machine has released three more studio albums; Evil Empire (1996), The Battle of Los Angeles (1999) and Renegades (2000). Morello has won two Grammy Awards with the band and found commercial success throughout the years. The group disbanded in 2000 and Tom went on to form Audioslave with Wilk,Commerford and Chris Cornell. They put out three studio albums titled Audioslave, Out of Exile and Revelations before breaking up in 2007.

Besides Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, Tom Morello has also worked with many other bands and artists. Moreover, Tom started a solo acoustic act taking up the name The Nightwatchman in 2003. As his acoustic alter ego, Morello released four albums, One Man Revolution, The Fabled City, Union Town and World Wide Rebel Songs.

As of 2022, Tom has put out music under his own name. He has released solo and collaborative projects over the years and also performed with many artists. It is evident that Morello’s music career is continuing on with more albums and projects on the horizon.

How Rich Is Tom Morello?

Having worked as a solo artist and with numerous bands over the years has resulted in Tom Morello’s name being mentioned in over 20 studio albums.

Moreover, he has toured around the world with the bands he has been on and with other artists such as Bruce Springsteen. All of these works have helped the talented guitarist earn a massive sum.

Well, Tom Morello’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. Looking at the success of the albums and tours he has been part of, the amount seems plausible.

Who Is Tom Morello’ Wife?

Talking about his personal life, the Rage Against the Machine is married to his longtime partner Denise Luiso. The pair have been secretive about their relationship and continue to keep it away from the spotlight. However, in the 2011 Rolling Stone interview it was mentioned that Tom Morello’s wife, Denise was a VP at Paramount in charge of music. But it is unclear if she still works there.

Well, in their long and loving marriage, Tom and Denise have welcomed two kids together. Morello’s sons are named Rhoads Morello and Roman Morello but further information about them is unavailable. But let’s hope that in the coming days we will get to know more about the Morello family.