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Timothy DeLaGhetto Biography – Childhood, Family & Career

Timothy Delaghetto Biography

Timothy DeLaGhetto is a well-known television and internet personality who has been in the entertainment business for over a decade now. He started out through YouTube and has now branched out in the music and television world. He has even made appearances in numerous movies and television series over the years.

Well, the talented individual might have retired his moniker Timothy DeLaGhetto to use his birth name professionally, but his fame has not decreased. Moreover, people have even shown more interest in his personal life. So, in this biography, we will take a look at Timothy’s childhood, family life, career, relationship, and more.

Where Did Timothy DeLaGhetto Grow Up?

The YouTube star was born Tim Chantarangsu in Billings, Montana on March 6, 1986. Timothy DeLaGhetto’s parents are of Thai heritage and the star himself is very proud of his background. While he was born in Montana, Tim spent much of his childhood in California. He was first raised in Long Beach and then moved to Paramount at the age of nine.

After moving to Paramount, California, Timothy’s parents opened up their own restaurant. He also attended Paramount High School and graduated from there. Following this, DeLaGhetto enrolled at California State University but dropped out to follow up on his dreams of becoming an entertainer.

As per his interviews, Timothy aka Tim had a full-blown business plan that he wanted to go through to find success. He named the planned Fresh Prince Format and modeled it after Will Smith’s career trajectory. Like Will, DeLaGhetto also wanted to get a record deal, then a television show, and finally a movie deal. Did he manage to execute his plan to perfection, let’s take a look at it below:

When Did Timothy DeLaGhetto Start His Professional Journey?

As stated above, Timothy DeLaGhetto had a business plan to further his career in the entertainment world. He first wanted to become a rapper and then book a television show and a movie. But Tim’s claim to fame was through a different avenue, i.e. YouTube. He set up his channel with the name Timothy DeLaGhetto in 2006 and started sharing skits and comedy videos. He also put up his songs online, rapping under the moniker Traphik.

Tim Chantarangsu continued with his YouTube career putting out much comedy and also challenge videos. His main channel, then under the name Timothy DeLaGhetto, grew considerably and has over 4.21 million subscribers and 830+ million video views as of December 2022. He has shared over 870 videos to date with many of them focusing on comedic content, skits, rants, and even the series titled Dear DeLaGhetto.

Moreover, Timothy also runs two more channels, a vlog channel, and a style channel. His style channel was previously named The Bakery and is now called Tim’s Bakery. It currently boasts over 226K subscribers and has amassed over 5 million total video views. As for his vlog channel, it is under the name, Tim & Chia Vlogs and has more than 1.27 million subscribers. Another channel named Traphik Music boasts 216K subscribers.

Well, it is evident that Timothy DeLaGhetto, now Tim Chantarangsu’s career as a YouTuber has helped him find much success. We wish him even more success in the coming days.

What Other Projects Has Timothy DeLaGhetto aka Tim Chantarangsu Worked On?

Aforementioned, Timothy DeLaGhetto started his career as a YouTuber sharing comedic and skit videos. In addition, he also shared original music under the name Traphik which kickstarted his career as a rapper. But rather than signing with a record label as his first step in his business plan, Tim produced music on his own.

Tim Chantarangsu’s first music project was the mixtape, The First Mixtape released in 2006. The following year he put out another mixtape Will Rap for Food. This was followed by MixedApre in 2010, Cruise Control in 2012, and No Jokes in 2014. Moreover, Timothy also released his solo album, Rush Hour in 2009 and has put out numerous singles and collaborations over the years.

Besides his music career, Timothy DeLaGhetto has also made movie and television appearances over the years. He had small parts in films such as The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, Isa, and Bad Rap and played a major role in Thai Smile and The Pizza Joint. Well, Tim’s big screen career seems to be on the rise and we hope to see more of his acting skills in the coming days.

While his movie appearances did help him gain prominence, Timothy’s television works are what helped him become a household name. He got the chance to host his own show named The Timothy DeLaGhetto Show on MYX TV in 2011. Much like his YouTube channel, the show also featured songs, music videos, stand-up comedy, and skits. Sadly the show only ran that year and did not come back for a second season.

But his television appearances did not end there in 2013, DeLaGhetto started appearing in the sketch comedy and improv game show, Wild ‘N Out. He continued to appear on the show till 2018 but returned in 2020. Furthermore, Tim Chantarangsu also played varied roles in scripted television series, a few of which are listed below:

  • Love That Girl!
  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
  • Animeme Rap Battles
  • JustKiddingFilms
  • Worldstar Head
  • This Isn’t Working
  • Escape the Night
  • Burb Patrol
  • We Need to Talk About America

Well looking at his extensive success in his career, Tim Chantarangsu aka Timothy DeLaGhetto’s net worth estimated to be $5 million seems plausible. He earned all of his fortunes from his television, music, and internet career. Moreover, with his continued popularity there is no doubt that his fortune will also increase in the coming days.

Who Is Tim Chantarangsu Married To?

Talking about the YouTuber’s love life, Timothy DeLaGhetto is married and a father of one. Timothy DeLaGhetto’s wife is the beautiful Chia Habte and the pair tied the knot in 2018. Moreover, their wedding day is documented on both the Tim Chantarangsu aka Timothy DeLaGhetto channel, and the Tim & Chia Vlogs channel. Fans got to see the behind the scene part of the big day as well as the beautiful ceremony.

While their wedding day was in 2018, the lovely couple’s story started long before this. According to the blog post by Tim Chantarangsu’s wife Chia, the pair first met while she traveled to LA from Canada with her friends. Thereafter they became friends on Facebook and gradually established their friendship. A year after messaging on the social media site, Chia realized her feelings for the YouTuber and the feelings were also mutual.

The lovely couple lived in different countries and had never been in a long-distance relationship. But they were not deterred by this fact and decided to give their relationship a chance. Well, over a decade later, we can see that it has paid off and the pair are now enjoying their life together.

But not only themselves, Tim and Chia now also have a little girl in their life to love and spoil. Well, after tying the knot in 2018, the lovely pair decided to expand their little family. Then in February 2021, Tim Chantarangsu’s daughter Veyda was born. The married duo documented their journey into parenthood and continues to share a few details about their life on YouTube.

Well, we hope the family of three continues to live a wonderful life ahead.