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Tess Haubrich Biography- Life, Net Worth & Relationship Status

Tess Haubrich Biography

Tess Haubrich is a popular Australian actress and model who has been in the industry for several years. She has found fame for her amazing modeling as well as acting skills. She has starred in numerous movies and television series such as Spiderhead, Bleeding Steel, Wolf Creek, and Home and Away.

The Australian star has undoubtedly found fame in both her home country and in America now. And many of her fans are definitely eager to know her better. So, let’s take a look at Tess’s biography.

Who Is Tess Haubrich?

The talented actress was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on April 1, 1990. As per IMDb, Tess Haubrich’s parents are Rodger Habrich, a print firm owner, and Meredith Scott, a piano teacher. She also grew up alongside her brother, Frankie Haubrich.

Tess Haubrich was enrolled at Pittwater High School and at SCECGS Redlands in Australia. Moreover, she trained in theater at a private drama school, Actors Centre Australia, in Sydney. Haubrich was also already modeling in her late teens.

How Much Is Tess’s Net Worth?

As aforementioned, the Australian actress spent her late teen years modeling. She worked in Australia, France, and Germany as well as Hong Kong, and found much success as a fashion model. But she swapped modeling for acting and made her debut in 2009. Since then, Tess Haubrich’s net worth has continued to reach new heights.

Tess Haubrich starred in a few short films like Vinyl and Drowning and also appeared in two episodes of Home and Away, playing Catie Merrin, in 2009. She returned to the soap opera as a different character named Shandi Ayres in 2014.

In between her two appearances in Home and Away, Tess had brief roles in projects such as Some Static Started, Boys on Film 6: Pacific Rim, SLiDE, The Wolverine, Like Breathing, Jack Irish: Dead Point, and Sanctuary. Then in 2015, Haubrich starred as Lisa Carmichael in Infini and Aurora in Foal.

The beautiful actress then took a year break and then auditioned for the movie Alien: Covenant. She booked the part, and along with the movie, she also played Rosenthal in Alien: Covenant-Prologue: Last Supper and Alien: Covenant-Phobos. Tess also starred in the second season of the Australian horror series Wolf Creek and the movie Bleeding Steel alongside Jackie Chan.

Tess Haubrich’s career has continued to evolve with her appearances in television series such as Pine Gap, Bad Mothers, Treadstone, and After the Verdict. She also starred in the 2018 movie Nekrotronic but gained international recognition after appearing in the 2022 sci-fi thriller Spiderhead.

The talented actress has already booked several other projects that are at various stages of production. So, in the upcoming days, it won’t be a surprise if Tess Haubrich’s net worth sees a considerable rise.

Is Tess Married?

The blonde-haired beauty has been in the limelight for many years, and fans are very interested in knowing about her love life. Well, she was married to Nicholas Gell, an actor who previously worked in Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story, Campsite, and Heroes for A Day. As per a Google search, the couple reportedly tied the knot in 2015.

Moreover, the duo also welcomed their only child, Juniper, in the mid-2010s, and Tess took a break from her career to welcome her. Tess Haubrich’s daughter is a constant face on her Instagram. The talented actress has shared numerous pictures and videos with her daughter. Moreover, Haubrich once shared that her little one is homeschooled.

Well, the actress and her daughter have been pictured together multiple times, but there is no news about Tess Haubrich’s husband, Nicholas. In her IMDb, it is stated that Tess and Nicholas are divorced. But neither of the two has talked about their marriage or even their relationship status.

Whether Tess Haubrich and Nicholas Gell are still together is unclear. But we hope the actress clarifies it soon.