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Tatanka Means Biography – Childhood, Career, Net worth & Relationship

Tatanka Means Biography

Tatanka Means is a multi-talented star who has found immense fame in his career in the entertainment industry. He started out as a lead stunt double but has since made a name for himself as an actor. Moreover, Means is known for his comedic chops, and activism and has also founded his own clothing line.

Well, having such a versatile career has helped Tatanka gain much prominence. But besides his professional success, people are also very much interested in knowing more about his life. If you are one of them, stick to the very end of this biography to know more about Means.

What Was Tatanka Means’ Childhood Like?

The multi-talented individual was born Tatanka Wanbli Sapa Xila Sabe Means in Rapid City, South Dakota, on 19 February 1985 as one of the ten children of his parents. Tatanka Means’ father is Russell Means who was a well-known activist and actor. As per IMDb, his mother is named Gloria and he also shared a close bond with his dad’s late partner, Pearl Means.

Talking about his other family members, Tatanka has a half-brother named Scott and one of his siblings is Nataani Nez Means. He was reportedly raised in Chinle, Arizona by his mother in the Navajo Nation. Moreover, Means apparently spent quite some time on movie sets since his father was a professional actor. He has stated that he remembers hanging out with stars such as Daniel Day Lewis.

Furthermore, while in high school, Tatanka Means competed in rodeo as a bull rider, like many of his family. He also found interest in stand-up and even did a few shows for his family. He has stated that while his mother definitely laughed at the jokes, he does not remember others laughing at them. Nonetheless, Means continued his comedic journey finding interest in Vincent Craig, Ernie Tsosie, and James Junes.

When Did Tatanka Means’ Career In The Entertainment World Start?

Aforementioned, Tatanka Means found interest in stand-up comedy when he was still in high school and even performed his own skits for his family. He has since taken it up as a career and even toured with the 49 Laughs comedy troupe alongside other comics like Pax Harvey, Ernest Tsosie III, and James Junes. Means has continued to perform comedy throughout numerous Indian Countries to not only spread laughter and also as a message of inspiration for all ages.

Besides his stand-up career, Tatanka has found much fame from his work as an actor. However, his introduction to the movie business was not through acting itself. Rather, his first film work was as a lead stunt double in the 2004 movie, Black Cloud. The project was reportedly filmed in the same gym Means trained as a boxer. He has six boxing championship titles to his name.

Following his work as a stunt double, Means made his acting debut playing the character, Crazy Horse in a few episodes of the show Into the West in 2005. He then took a break from the industry and only took up acting again three years later. Tatanka appeared in a few projects in 2008 such as Comanche Moon, Turok: Son of Stone, and The Burrowers. He then worked on other projects such as American Experience, Freedom Riders, In Plain Sight, Scoundrels, Sedona, and More Than Frybread.

2012 saw Tatanka appearing in a few short films and also playing Wolf in the movie Tiger Eyes. His dad, Russell played the part of the terminally ill father of Wolf on screen. Sadly, Russell passed away soon after the filming of the film ended and Means carried his loving father’s urn during the funeral. After Tiger Eyes, the talented actor worked on many movies and shows, some of which are listed below:

  • The Host
  • The Sixth Gun
  • Banshee
  • A Million Ways to Die in the West
  • The Hybrids Family
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • Saints & Strangers
  • The Son
  • Shangri-La Suite
  • Once Upon a River
  • The Liberator
  • I Know This Much Is True

In recent years, Tatanka Means has played significant parts in movies and shows such as Montford: The Chicasaw Rancher, Canyon Del Muerto, Reservation Dogs, and many others. He has also voiced a few characters in video games and has won awards for his performances in many of his projects. Moreover, Means prides himself in portraying Native men as complex and modern people rather than affirming the stereotypical and racist character that has been prevalent in the industry for many years.

How Rich Is Tatanka Means?

Having found much fame and success in his career has undoubtedly helped increase Tatanka Means’ net worth over the years. He has worked on many movies and television shows already and even has many more upcoming projects under his name. Furthermore, Tatanka’s work as a stand-up comedian, boxer, and stuntman also aided in the rise of his fortune.

Additionally, Means is also known for his business venture, having set up a clothing line named Tatanka Clothing. The original screen printing company was founded with the intention to create cultural awareness for Native people and their businesses. Moreover, he established it to uplift and inspire cultural empowerment in his community and people.

Well, besides its intended purpose, Tatanka Means’ fortune may have heavily benefitted from his business venture. Well, his total riches also include his earnings from speaker duties.

Who Is Tatanka Means Married To?

Well, not only has the Native American star experienced success in his professional journey, but he has also found much happiness in his personal life. He is a happily married man and has also welcomed three little ones with his life partner. Tatanka Means’ wife is Christine Means, and she reportedly works as a yoga teacher. Moreover, she seems to be a driving force behind the actor’s business, Tatanka Clothing.

The lovely couple has been together for a while but has chosen to keep details about their relationship private. Moreover, they are raising their three kids away from the spotlight. Nonetheless, pictures of Tatanka Means’ children can be found on his and his partner’s social media pages.

We wish the Means family all the love and happiness and hope to know more about them in the coming days.