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Sylvia De Fanti Biography – Education, Career & Net Worth

Sylvia De Fanti Biography

Sylvia De Fanti is a talented actress who has worked on projects in Italy as well as the US. She started her career in the early 2000s and has now found much fame thanks to her work in Incantesimo, Medici, Daydreams and Warrior Nun among other projects. She is also recognized as the co-founder of the cultural center Angelo Mai in Rome.

Thanks to her dedication to various factors of arts, Sylvia has been in the spotlight for over two decades now. But in addition to her work, people have also shown interest in knowing more about De Fanti’s personal life. Therefore in this biography we will take a look at her childhood, family, professional journey and more.

Where Did Sylvia De Fanti Grow Up?

The Warrior Nun star was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 11, 1977. Sylvia De Fanti’s parents are Italian born but raised her and her older brother, Roberto De Fanti, around the world. She was only six months old, when she and her family had to move to Panama for her father, an Italian engineer’s work.

Sylvia lived in Panama till she was five and then moved to Hong Kong. Then at the age of 12, the De Fanti family returned to Italy and settled in Rome. De Fanti has since called Rome her home and seems to be based there now too.

What Subjects Did Sylvia De Fanti Study?

As for her educational background, Sylvia was enrolled in a British School till she was 12. After moving to Italy she seems to have completed her schooling there. On Facebook, the actress has included that she went to Liceo Scientifico Democrito in Rome, Italy.

As per IMDb, De Fanti then attended Universita La Sapienza, in La Sorbonne at that time, studying the Human Sciences. The curriculum included courses in Postmodernism, Cinema and Women & Gender Studies.

While in Paris, France Sylvia honed her French speaking skills and also went on stage for the first time. After returning to Rome, she pursued a Master’s degree in Sapienza Università di Roma, graduating Cum Laude in Science of Communication in Cultural Anthropology. De Fanti reportedly wrote thesis on Chaos Theory and Complex Identity.

Additionally, the Montreal born star also continued her comedy and drama acting training. She has since focused on her work in various fields of the art world.

When Did Sylvia De Fanti Start Her Professional Journey?

Sylvia De Fanti started her acting career in 2002 starring as Cartomante in the short film, Miss My Muse in Summertime. This was followed by an appearance in three episodes of the television mini series Empire as Moira. Her first major role was in the highly popular show, Incantesimo. It is the longest-running project in Italy and De Fanti played the character, Dr. Anna Archangelo in 88 episodes in 2007.

The Italian actress then made her big screen debut playing the part of Tipoletta in the 2009 movie Io, Don Giovanni. She also worked on the film La grata that year before starring in other projects such as Sole negli occhi, R.I.S. – Delitti imperfetti and Boris in 2010. Furthermore, she appeared in an episode of Don Matteo in 2004 before returning to play Shanti Zappavigna in 2018.

Between 2013 to 2019, Sylvia worked on several projects including The Best Offer, Those Happy Years, The Fisherman (The Intruder), Daydreams, Medici, Gasper, and Giuseppina. Then in 2020, De Fanti started playing the part of Mother Superion in the fantasy drama, Warrior Nun. She was a recurring character in the first season before being promoted to main cast in the second season.

Sylvia De Fanti appeared in 13 episodes of Warrior Nun altogether but the show was canceled after the release of the second season. But there is no doubt that the talented Italian actress will find more success in her acting career.

How Much Is Sylvia De Fanti’s Net Worth?

The talented Italian actress has been working in the entertainment industry for around two decades now. She has worked on many successful movies and television series over the years, which has undoubtedly helped her earn a considerable sum. Also, since Sylvia De Fanti’s net worth is heavily influenced by her acting career, there is no doubt that it will increase in the coming days.

Furthermore, Sylvia has also found fame and fortune through Angelo Mai, a cultural center in Rome, Italy. She co-founded the center in 2004 and has helped the place become an independent creative space for artists of various fields. The place is globally recognized and is frequented by renowned performers and creative individuals from the literature, art, music and acting world. Moreover, De Fanti herself participates in different productions which highlights her skills in singing and playing bass guitar.

Besides her work in the television and movie world, Sylvia De Fanti has worked hard to uplift the creative field in Rome. We wish her even more success in the coming days.

Is Sylvia De Fanti Married?

Well, even though we might have known vast details about the talented actress’ professional journey, the same cannot be said about her personal life. She has kept much of her life away from the spotlight and prefers to keep it that way even now. However, one look at her Instagram shows us that the Italian star is a loving mother of one.

Sylvia De Fanti’s son is reportedly named Valentino but further details about him have not been revealed yet. Moreover, it is unclear if she is in a relationship or not. But let’s hope that in the coming days we will get to know more about Sylvia and her life.