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Steve Doocy Biography – Childhood, Family Life & Relationship

Steve Doocy Biography

Steve Doocy is a political commentator, television personality, and author who is best known as one of the hosts of Fox & Friends. He has been involved in the journalism world from early on and is one of the most popular individuals working on the Fox News Channel. He previously worked for other networks such as NBC and CBS.

Apart from his professional journey, people have also shown interest in Steve’s personal story. So, in this biography, we will take a look at Doocy’s childhood, family life, relationship, and more.

Where Did Steve Doocy Grow Up?

The Fox & Friends host was born Stephen James Doocy in Algona, Iowa, USA on October 19, 1956. He is the first child of his parents, James Edward Doocy and JoAnne Doocy, and has three younger siblings. Steve Doocy’s sisters are Ann Walker, Jenny Doocy, and Lisa Doocy and they seem to have a great bond.

Talking about his parents, Steve’s father, Jim Doocy worked in sales and construction while his mother seems to have taken care of the family at home. Through his father’s side, Doocy is of Irish descent while he also is of Swedish descent through his maternal grandmother.

Despite being born in Iowa, Doocy and his siblings were raised in Industry, Kansas. Steve attended Kansas grade schools in Salina, Russell, and Industry and was enrolled in a school in Wakefield for junior high and Clay Center, Kansas for high school. Following his graduation from high school, Doocy attended the University of Kansas and earned a Bachelor of Science in journalism. He was also involved in the studio-operated radio station in Lawrence, KJHK radio, and was the first on-air disc jockey.

When Did Steve Doocy Start His Professional Journey?

As aforementioned, while pursuing a degree in journalism, Steve had already started working as an on-air disc jockey. And following graduation, he started his television career serving as a reporter at TV stations in Des Moines, Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City. Doocy’s first major assignment was as a feature reporter for WRC-TV in Washington.

Then in 1990, the Iowa-born journalist was named the host of the nationally syndicated program, House Part with Steve Doocy on NBC. He then secured his first-morning show job, co-hosting Wake Up America on NBC’s America’s Talking. Following this, Doocy anchored morning newscasts at WCBS-TV and also the live Times Square reporter on ABC-TV’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. On IMDb, it is stated that Steve also served as the host of Not Just News.

After working for various stations, Steve Doocy joined the popular network, Fox News Channel in 1996. Two years later Steve joined Brian Kilmeade and E.D. Hill as the co-hosts of the network’s highly popular show, Fox & Friends. The trio continued to run the show till 2006 when Hill was replaced by Gretchen Carlson. Doocy and Kilmeade are still a part of it and run the weekdays show with Ainsley Earhardt as their third member.

Besides Fox & Friends, Doocy has also been involved in other Fox News Channel shows such as The Factor, Fox Files, Fox, and Friends First, Fox News Channel: 25 Years, The Five, and Outnumbered. Looking at the number of shows he has been part of throughout the years, it is evident that Steve has benefitted professionally and financially from his work with the network.

How Rich Is Steve Doocy?

Talking about fortune, Celebrity Net Worth estimated that Steve Doocy’s net worth is around $11 million. His reported yearly salary from his work at Fox News is around $4 million. This amount seems plausible seeing as he has been diligently serving as host and co-host in many Fox News Channel.

Besides his job at the infamous network, the Fox & Friends host’s fortune also includes his earnings as an author. He has published numerous successful books over the years including Tales from the Dad Side and The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook. Moreover, Steve and his wife, Kathy Doocy have put out two cookbooks, Happy Cookbook: A Celebration of the Food That Makes America Smile and Happy in a Hurry Cookbook in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Steve and Kathy’s second cookbook is a New York Times Best Seller and became one of the US’s top cookbooks during the pandemic. With such success, there is no doubt that Steve Doocy’s net worth has benefitted from the sales of the books.

When Did Steve Doocy Tied Knot With Kathy Doocy?

Having published two cookbooks as co-authors, it is evident that Steve Doocy and Kathy Doocy’s marriage is going very well. The pair tied the knot on 30th June 1986 and have enjoyed a blissful marital life ever since. Moreover, they have welcomed three kids, Peter Doocy, Sally Doocy, and Mary Doocy, all of whom have grown up and are doing well with their lives.

Steve Doocy’s wife, Kathy Doocy, born Kathy Garrity, was a model and TV sports reporter. Moreover, she is a cancer survivor. The pair have been supportive of each other and their children. We wish the Doocy family more happiness.