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Sonoya Mizuno Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationships

Sonoya Mizuno Biography

The beautiful British actress Sonoya Mizuno has found fame thanks to her appearances in projects such as Annihilation, Ex Machina, Crazy Rich Asians, Maniac, and La La Land to name a few. She has been in the movie industry since 2012 but started her professional career as a ballet dancer. But besides the aforementioned works, Mizuno is now known for her performance in the highly popular fantasy House of the Dragons.

Well, having worked on many well-known movies and shows over the years has led people to show interest in Sonoya’s life. And if you are among those who want to know more about Mizuno, stick to the very end.

Where Did Sonoya Mizuno Grow Up?

The House of the Dragons actress was born on July 1, 1986, in Tokyo, Japan. Sonoya Mizuno’s father, Hajime Mizuno, is Japanese while her mother is half Argentine and half British descent. As per Herald Scotland, she is the second youngest in the family of five. But while talking with Glamour, Sonoya stated that she is one of six and her siblings are Saya, Jinya, Miya, Mariya, and Tomoya.

Sonoya Mizuno’s parents split when she was only two years old and after this, she and her siblings were raised in Somerset, England. As half-Japanese kids raised by a single mother in the 80s, the Mizuno siblings had a difficult time growing up. The family was not readily accepted into the rural community of Somerset which resulted in the six siblings sticking together.

All of the Mizuno siblings are involved in the field of arts whether it is as a photographer or an actor. Moreover, Sonoya found interest in acting after watching her maternal uncle, Edward Duke perform while visiting them. However, rather than taking her into drama classes, Mizuno’s mother enrolled her in dance lessons.

Following this, Sonoya Mizuno auditioned for a place in the Royal Ballet Associate Programme. Then ten years later, the Japanese-born British artist graduated from the Royal Ballet School.

When Did Sonoya Mizuno Start Her Professional Journey?

As stated above, even after finding an interest in acting, Sonoya Mizuno focused on dancing and completed her training at the Royal Ballet School. Following this she danced with several ballet companies such as Ballet Ireland, New English Ballet Theatre, Semperoper Ballet, and Scottish Ballet. 

While dancing with these companies, Mizuno traveled to numerous places in the UK. She was also a part of the dance theatre, The World’s Greatest Show which was showcased at the Royal Opera House and Greenwich Dance in 2014. And in addition to dancing, Sonoya also started modeling professionally in her 20s and was signed to Profile Models in London. She has modeled for many fashion giants including Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and Chanel.

Despite finding success in both her dancing and modeling career, Sonoya’s love for acting did not dwindle. As a result, she joined the industry and made her acting debut playing Koyoko in the 2014 film Ex Machina, directed by Alex Garland. On IMDb, Mizuno has credits as Forest Guard in the 2012 movie, Venus in Eros.

Following Ex Machina, the talented dancer appeared in the short film, Katatsumuri and the music video for The Chemical Brothers and Beck’s single Wide Open. She then played Jazzy in the dance movie High Strung in 2016 and also had small roles in La La Land and Alleycats the same year. Sonoya collaborated with Alex Garland again in the sci-fi psychological horror film, Annihilation in 2018 playing Humanoid/Katie.

Sonoya Mizuno also worked on the movies All About Nina, The Domestics, and Crazy Rich Asians in 2018. The same year she also played Dr. Azumi Fujita in all 10 episodes of the Netflix series, Maniac. In 2019, Sonoya had a significant role in the feature film, Ambition. But it was Mizuno’s performance as the lead character Lily Chan in the mini-series Devs that caught people’s attention. The show was written, created, and directed by Alex Garland.

The Japanese-British actress then worked on Am I Ok? and Men before wowing the audiences with her performance as Mysaria in the fantasy series House of the Dragons. She is part of the main cast in the show and her character has already caught people’s attention.

Well, whether Sonoya will return for the second season of House of the Dragon is yet to be seen. But she already has several projects under her belt. Moreover, she also has been a constant face in the theater world. Thus, it won’t be a surprise if we see Sonoya Mizuno’s net worth rising in the coming days. We wish the talented actress the best for her future.

Who Is Sonoya Mizuno Dating?

While people are clamoring to know more about the actress playing their favorite characters in movies and TV shows, Sonoya Mizuno herself has kept to herself. She doesn’t talk much about her personal details and also prefers to stay away from the online world.

Thus, it is extremely troublesome to find out who Sonoya Mizuno’s partner is or even if she has any. The talented dancer-turned-actress has yet to reveal information regarding her relationship. But we hope she is enjoying the success she has received in her career.