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Shaylee Mansfield Biography – Age, Family & Career

Shaylee Mansfield Biography

Shaylee Mansfield is one of the emerging young actresses in Hollywood. Having started her journey in YouTube, Shaylee now has worked on numerous acting projects since 2018. But she might be best known for her advocacy for deaf or hard-of-hearing community as she herself is deaf.

Thanks to her wonderful work as an actress and an advocate, Shaylee caught the attention of people globally. Today people not only want to learn more about her work, but have also shown interest in knowing more about the young actress’ personal life. So, in this biography, we will take a detailed look at it.

Where Is Shaylee Mansfield From?

The talented actress was born in Burbank, California, but seems to be based in Austin, Texas now. She was reportedly born deaf and has a little sister named Ivy Mansfield who is hearing. Shaylee Mansfield’s parents, Manny Johnson and Sheena McFeely are also deaf.

Moreover, Sheena once had a career in Hollywood as an actress but now runs the ASL Nook, a YouTube channel and website that teaches ASL (American Sign Language) with her husband, Manny.

As a young girl, Shaylee grew up loving books and stories. So, she took her love for them and started signing Christmas stories on the ASL Nook at the age of four. She appeared on the channel from 2013 till 2019 and has performed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more to date. She was reportedly credited as Shay when performing in these videos.

Mansfield’s storytelling skills were loved by people around the US and even major publications covered the story.

When Did Shaylee Mansfield Start Her Professional Career?

Continuing with the fame she received by signing stories on ASL Nook, Shaylee also gained attention after a video of her meeting a staff dressed as Tinker Bell, who could sign, at Disney Park went viral. This event resulted in Shaylee and her family visiting Disneyland and filming an advertisement for Disney. The ad titled Unforgettable Stories featured the family meeting a Minnie Mouse actor and conversing with her using sign language. This video too went viral and gained appreciation from millions of people around the world.

After the Disney advertisement, Shaylee and the entire Mansfield family appeared in the documentary film, Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud. They starred alongside two other predominantly deaf families and shared their experiences in the world.

Following this, Mansfield made her acting debut playing the homeless, deaf girl named Michelle in the Disney+ film, Noelle. Her performance was well received by critics and Shaylee went on to play Zuzu in the family-drama Feel the Beat in 2020. That same year she appeared in an episode of Bunk’d as Willow and played the part of Peyton in the 2021 movie 13 Minutes.

Shaylee Mansfield’s career continued to grow with her work in the animated series, Madagascar: A Little Wild. She was cast on the show due to her former working relationship with deaf consultants, Delbert and Jevon Whetter. Following her casting, the character which was intended to be a boy was adjusted to be a girl.

Moreover, the talented actress had to work via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The animators based her character’s actions on Shaylee’s signs using video reference. All of it had to be slowed down so that the animators could see the hand shapes and movements clearly. Well, Shaylee is credited alongside the voice actors for her signed performance.

Well, Mansfield already has many other projects on the horizon including the television series, The Company You Keep opposite Milo Ventimiglia, Tim Chiou and others. We wish the actress all the best for her future endeavors.

What Causes Has Shaylee Mansfield Advocated For?

Aforementioned, Shaylee was born deaf and communicates using American Sign Language. She first found fame appearing in videos on the YouTube channel ASL Nook and has now become a face of the deaf community in Hollywood.

Mansfield has utilized her newfound fame to advocate for deaf or hard-of-hearing community. She has aimed to encourage children and families to learn ASL so that communication is easier for people. Moreover during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shaylee shared a video criticizing social media sites such as Instagram for the lack of captioning.

Well, owing to the criticism, in May 2021, the social media giant released a sticker that would automatically transcribe speech in Instagram Stories. Shaylee herself has continued her advocacy for the deaf community and we wish her more happiness and success with her life.