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Savannah Dexter Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationship

Savannah Dexter Biography

Savannah Dexter is a talented singer who is best known for her songs such as Sinderella, Can’t Never Could, Raise Hell, and more. She started her professional music career in 2020 but had already shared covers for a few years before. Dexter came as fresh air in the country music scene as she is among the few rappers in the genre.

Well, thanks to her unique music and successful career, Savannah has managed to amass a big fandom. Moreover, people who support her career also want to know more about her personal life. So, in this biography, we will take a look at her childhood, relationships, and more.

Where Did Savannah Dexter Grow Up?

Savannah Dexter was born on July 10, 1996, as per Famous Birthdays. She is reportedly a Deltona, Florida native but spent some time in Missouri before returning to Florida again. Dexter’s parents were apparently young themselves when she was born and also were not married. And there are reports that she spent much of her childhood with her grandparents.

While talking on a podcast, the musician stated that she did not have a good relationship with her dad. Savannah Dexter’s father apparently moved on immediately after his relationship with the musician’s mother ended. Her stepmother was reportedly her pre-K teacher but their relationship was not great. Moreover, she has two half-siblings from her dad’s side.

Looking at her social media pages, we can see that the musician prefers to keep much of her family life away from the spotlight. But we do know that she went to University High School in Orange City, Florida, and found interest in music from an early age.

When Did Savannah Dexter Start Her Career?

As aforementioned, Savannah Dexter gained interest in the music world from an early age. Through her father, she was introduced to country music while pop was something that she found through her mother. She also knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the business early on and even practiced music. Moreover, she first tried to learn to play guitar at 13 but gave up. She picked up the instrument at 18 and has since continued with it.

Moreover, Dexter has stated that she even auditioned for several music competition reality shows over the years. But she was rejected multiple times, so she went about making a name for herself in the field. She started sharing covers of several songs on her Instagram in August 2018 and continued on in hopes of making it big.

Then in July 2020, Savannah Dexter started putting up her music on YouTube. In her early career, she was helped by fellow musician Brabo Gator having been signed to his label, Mako Music Group. She continued to put out singles and music videos before finally putting out her debut album titled Savages in February 2021. The record has 15 songs and resulted in Dexter’s fandom being called Savagers.

Since putting out her first album, Savannah has released several other projects over the years. The other albums that she released are listed below:

  • Genesis
  • Loner
  • Certified Savage
  • DEX

Many of Savannah’s singles have also been popular among the fans. Her songs, Raise Hell, Sinner Like Me, Sinderella, Can’t Ever and I Remember Everything is some of the most listened-to songs on her discovery.

Moreover, music videos for the singles have also gained millions of views on YouTube. As of December 2022, Savannah Dexter’s self-titled YouTube channel has over 379K subscribers and over 104 million total video views. There is no doubt that Dexter is set to find even more fame in the coming days, we wish her all the best for her future.

Who Is Savannah Dexter In A Relationship With?

Talking about her love life, Savannah Dexter is currently in a relationship with fellow musician Brabo Gators. The pair have been together for a while already and Dexter does not hesitate to show her love for her man on social media.

Moreover in August 2022, Savannah Dexter’s partner, Brabo got down on his knee to propose in front of thousands of fans while she was live on stage. The pair have been enjoying their time as an engaged couple since then. We wish them more happiness in the days to come.