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Roy Purdy Biography – Education, Profession & Relationship

Roy Purdy Biography

The worldwide use of the internet has resulted in many individuals getting a chance to showcase their individual talents. Many have shared videos of their dance skills while others have shown their comedy chops with people on the internet. And there are also few who unintentionally became popular after their content became viral.

One such individual whose fame came through a viral video is Roy Purdy. The Wisconsin native was still in high school when his first video became viral. He has since capitalized on the newfound fame and has made a name for himself in the entertainment world.

So, today, we will not only take a deeper look at his journey to fame but also the other details regarding his life.

What Was Roy Purdy’s Childhood Like?

Roy Purdy was born and brought up in Appleton, Wisconsin, a small town southwest of Green Bay. He got his name from his great-grandfather. As per sites such as The Famous People and Famous Birthdays, Purdy was born on February 25, 1998.

As for his family, the internet sensation has not shared much regarding them. However, according to the Wisconsin native, Roy Purdy’s father is how he became known for his clothing. While talking to Vice in 2018, Roy revealed that his dad gave him a lot of his clothes and the young guy then copied the style. This resulted in Purdy flaunting his 80s inspired wardrobe.

On the other hand, Roy Purdy’s mom, Brenda is credited for his happy-go-lucky attitude. She is active on Instagram and does not hesitate her positive vibe with her followers. Moreover, Roy grew up alongside his siblings, two of whom are George Purdy and Bruce Purdy. It has been reported that George is the one who filmed most of Roy’s early videos.

Where Did Roy Purdy Completed His Schooling?

As for his educational background, Roy Purdy is a graduate of Appleton North High School. His first viral video, #RunningManChallenge was filmed in the same school. He danced through the halls while other students walked to class. He graduated in 2016 and also documented his dance while waiting in line to receive his diploma. Moreover, he dabbed through the graduation and the video went viral instantly.

Following his graduation, it was reported that Roy would attend the University of Colorado-Boulder to study film production. In the Vice article from 2018, it is mentioned that Purdy skateboards around the campus. Well, whether he completed his studies or if he dropped out is unclear.

When Did Roy Purdy Start His Professional Journey?

Aforementioned, Roy Purdy came into the limelight due to his viral videos that were filmed while he was in high school. However, he had set up his YouTube channel in 2012 and started sharing videos the same year. The earlier videos featured Roy showcasing his skateboarding skills at various places. He also put up videos where he shows off his dance skills.

Roy’s Running Man Challenge and when u graduated af videos went viral in 2016 and after this he started his career in the music industry. He has released numerous music videos since making his debut in 2017. He also continued making funny and skateboarding content on YouTube. As of January 2023, his self-titled channel has garnered over 3.1 million subscribers while the total view count has crossed the 250 million count.

Purdy signed with CAA in 2018 with Sam Leigh as his manager. According to the Vice article regarding Roy, Leigh has stated that the artist earned through various avenues such as Spotify, Apple Music, Twitch, YouTube and more. Also, Roy toured with Yung Gravy in 2018 which solidified his place as a music artist.

Well, Roy Purdy seems to have taken a break from content creation seeing as his last YouTube video was in September 2020. However, on Instagram he did share a few posts in 2022. Well, we hope to hear more of Roy’s music and see his content on other platforms soon.

Is Roy Purdy In A Relationship?

Well, much like his YouTube content in recent years, the information regarding the internet personality’s romantic life is non-existent. He prefers to keep details about his love life away from the spotlight. Moreover, his social media posts also do not give us any clue regarding the subject.

Nonetheless, we wish more happiness and success for Roy Purdy in the coming days.