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Roman Atwood Biography – Childhood, Professional Journey & Love Life

Roman Atwood Biography

YouTube is one of the many online platforms that has helped people showcase their skills and earn fame. Whether it is your singing skills or your amazing dance moves, YouTube is one place where you can show it off to people to watch. Well, among the many individuals who have used the platform and found immense fame is a man named Roman Atwood.

Roman is best known for his prank videos on YouTube and gained much fame thanks to the numerous channels he runs on the platform. But besides the content, he puts out, fans also want to know more about Atwood’s life. Thus in this biography, we will take a look at his life before fame, professional journey, love life, and more.

What Was Roman Atwood’s Childhood Like?

The popular YouTuber was born Roman Bernard Atwood in Millersport, Ohio, US on May 28, 1983. He is one of two children of his parents and grew up alongside his brother Dale Atwood. Roman Atwood’s parents are Susan Atwood and Curt Dale Atwood and he shares a close bond with them.

Sadly, Roman Atwood’s mother, Susan passed away in May 2019 after a tragic accident. The whole family was on vacation together when the incident took place. The YouTuber shared the sad news with his followers on Twitter and asked for prayers for his family and mostly his father. Following the heartbreaking loss, Atwood went on a hiatus from YouTube for a while.

When Did Roman Atwood Start His Professional Journey?

The Ohio native started his professional journey independently producing a series of DVDs named The Nerd Herd. He reportedly sold the series at the Warped Tour in 2006. Moreover, Roman worked on numerous commercials and film projects in Columbus, Ohio. At one point he also worked at his family’s rope factory, Atwood Rope.

Atwood started filming and producing videos while still in high school and decided to focus on his passion. He wanted to work on comedy videos and created the YouTuber channel Sketch Empire. He later renamed it to RomanAtwood and the channel currently has over 10.2 million subscribers. The channel features videos of Roman pranking his friends and family members. A few of the most watched videos on this channel include Anniversary Prank Backfires, Crazy Plastic Ball Prank, Killing My Own Kid Prank, Stealing Peoples Gas Prank, and more.

Besides gaining millions of views on YouTube, filming these prank videos has also led Roman to face legal troubles. For his robbing, an ATM prank video, Atwood and his accomplices were arrested by the Columbus Police Department. They were arrested for inducing panic and disorderly conduct while filming the prank but were released on bail and summoned to court.

In addition to his prank video channel, Roman also runs a few other channels such as Roman Atwood Vlogs and Roman Atwood Podcast. They have 15.4 million subscribers and 471K subscribers respectively while the total video views have crossed the billion dollars mark. It is evident that Roman Atwood’s net worth of $14.5 million has been heavily influenced by his earnings as a YouTuber.

What Other Ventures Has Roman Atwood Worked On?

While YouTube is the major source of income for the Ohio native, he has also worked and invested in other business ventures over the years. Roman founded his merchandise line named Smile More in 2013 and sells products such as hoodies, T-shirts, bracelets, and more. In the beginning, Atwood and his wife handled the processing of the merch themselves. But after increasing demand, they hired more employees.

Furthermore, he along with Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy released a movie titled Natural Born Pranksters. Roman has also appeared in a few television shows and went on a worldwide tour with Yousef Erakat, a fellow YouTuber. Atwood has also announced NFT of the Smile More collection and is part owner of Bunker Branding.

Well, with his success in YouTube and other business ventures, Roman Atwood’s net worth crossing the $14 million mark seems plausible.

Who Is Roman Atwood’s Wife?

Roman Atwood’s wife is Brittney Smith and the pair have been together since first meeting in 2008. They welcomed their first child together, Kane Alexander Atwood on October 23, 2011. The couple’s second baby, a daughter named Cora Atwood was born in July 2017. Roman proposed to his then-girlfriend in April 2018 and the pair tied the knot in July 2018 in Maui, Hawaii.

The Atwood family added another member as Brittney gave birth to their youngest child Knox Atwood in January 2021. Besides his children with his wife Brittney Smith-Atwood, Roman also has a son named Noah Vaughn Atwood. He welcomed Noah with his first wife, Shanna Riley in October 2004.

Fans can keep up with the Atwood family through their vlogs. We wish them more happiness and success in the coming days.