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Robin Stapler Biography – Family, Career & Relationship Status

Robin Stapler Biography

Robin Stapler is an actress, entrepreneur and fitness educator who first came into the spotlight in the 1990s. She has since made a name for herself thanks to her successful career in various fields. Moreover, she is also recognized due to her relationship with fellow actor, Alfonso Ribeiro.

Well, Robin and Alfonso are no longer together but people were interested in their relationship for quite a while. Some also want to know more about Stapler herself. So, in this biography we will take a look at her early life, family, career, motherhood and more.

Where Is Robin Stapler From?

The multi talented star was reportedly born Robin Michele Stewart. However, further information regarding her early life and details about her birth is a big mystery. But a look through her Instagram shows us that she grew up alongside her brother who is named Dennis Stewart in Toronto, Canada.

Moreover, Stapler shares a close bond with her mother and shares amazing stories on her social media. Robin’s mom is reportedly named Winnie. Sadly, she suffers from Alzheimers.

Further details about Stapler’s family life and childhood are unavailable. But let’s hope that in the coming days we will get to know more about her.

When Did Robin Stapler Start Her Acting Career?

Aforementioned, Robin Stapler first found fame as an actress. She started her acting career in 1991 in the short film The Disco Years. She continued with her work appearing in projects such as Boogies Diner, Martin, Diagnosis Murder, The Setting Son, Smart Guy and more. Stapler also worked on The Adventures of Sinbad, The Steve Harvey Show, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and In the House.

However, Robin is best known for her brief appearance in the sci-fi series Star Trek: Voyager in 1997. Her last acting project before taking a break from the industry was The Parkers in 2000. However, she made her comeback in 2019 starring in an episode of Red Ruby.

Stapler also was a guest star in Here to There and Acapulco in 2021. In all of her work after her break, the talented actress is credited as Robin Michele Stewart.

What Other Projects Has Robin Stewart Been Involved In?

Besides acting, Robin is also passionate about physical activity and fitness. She started her gymnastics career as a 4 year old and worked her way up to make it to the top level. While attending college, Robin taught aerobics and continued on with her work as a fitness educator. Stewart also became a certified personal trainer in LA.

Robin Stapler reportedly moved to Franklin, Tennessee in 2008 from Los Angeles for a life change. She took up CrossFit in 2012 which reignited her love for the fitness industry. And along with her passion for Fitness, this also resulted in the start of her journey as an entrepreneur.

Stewart launched RipFix, a company that produces products catering to athletes in January 2015. The product is an old family recipe and Robin described it as a miracle cream as a young girl. The products became a big hit among gymnasts and other athletes.

Early in her career as an entrepreneur, Stewart reportedly delivered the products herself. But years later, she serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the products are delivered worldwide.

Well, Robin Stapler’s net worth has definitely seen a massive rise thanks to the success of RipFix. We wish her even more success in her professional journey in the coming days.

Is Robin Stapler In A Relationship?

Well, despite sharing much of her life on Instagram, Robin Stapler has remained secretive about her relationship. There are no reports regarding whether she is dating anyone or if she has any partner. What we do see is that she is actually enjoying her time as a mother.

Robin Stapler has welcomed two daughters from her previous relationships. Her firstborn is reportedly named Stevie Jay Marie and works as a doctor. Few of Robin’s Instagram posts alludes to the fact that Stevie is married to the love of her life.

As for her youngest daughter, she welcomed Sienna Michele aka Sienna Ribeiro in October 2002, with her then husband, Alfonso Ribeiro. Robin and Alfonso were married from January 2002 to August 2006 and lived in Los Angeles. Following their divorce, Stapler moved to Tennessee and Sienna seems to have grown up there.

Moreover, as a child of two actors, Sienna Ribeiro too has shown interest in the acting industry. Well, we wish the young actress all the best for her future.