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Reed Horstmann Biography – Family, Career & Relationship

Reed Horstmann Biography

Reed Horstmann is among the young stars who are taking the acting world by the storm. He has already starred in a few popular television series and is counted among the rising stars in the industry. Also, Reed has showcased his musical abilities multiple times.

Well, with his rising fame, people have taken interest in finding more about Reed’s life. So, today we will take a look at Horstmann’s biography and get to know more about his life, career and more.

When Was Reed Horstmann Born?

The young and talented actor was born on February 7, 2003. He has two younger siblings Lane Horstmann and Lily Horstmann and they share a close bond. Reed Horstmann’s mother is Erin Horstmann but his father only goes by M Horstmann on Instagram and further information about them has not been revealed yet.

Reed seems to have found interest in the world of performing arts from an early age. There is no information regarding his schooling experience but there is no doubt that he was involved in different groups at school.

What Projects Has Reed Horstmann Worked On?

Talking about his career, Reed Horstmann made his professional acting debut in 2017. He played the character Travis Blake in the short film Cattle Call and then had a small part in the Netflix movie Our Souls at Night that year. Thereafter Reed booked the part of Stick Goldstein, in the comedy series The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (aka Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love).

The series was announced May 2019 and Reed was accompanied by his mother, Erin throughout the filming period. The first part of the series premiered on Netflix in February 2020 while the second part of the 1st season was released in July 2020. Horstmann and his co-stars were praised well for their performances but the streaming giant chose to not renew the show for a second season.

Besides The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, Horstmann also played the part of Stick Goldstein in the series, Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event in 2020. This project united the cast of four family sitcoms, Mr. Iglesias, Family Reunion, The Big Show Show and The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia. Reed appeared in one episode of the show.

Following the cancellation of The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, Horstmann joined the cast of The Villains of Valley View. He plays one of the main characters, Jake/ Chaos on the comedy series and has already appeared in 20 episodes. The show premiered in June 2022 on Disney Channel and has already been renewed for a second season.

Since he plays one of the main characters on the series, Reed Horstmann will undoubtedly return for the second season of the show. Also with him gaining much attention for his performances, there is no doubt that we will see more of Reed’s acting skills in the coming days. We wish the young actor more success.

Is Reed Horstmann Dating Anyone?

Well, while we have given a detailed report about the talented actor’s career, sadly information regarding his personal life is very scarce. Who Reed Horstmann’s partner is or if he even has any is a big mystery as he has not talked much about it with the media. Moreover, his social media pages also do not give us any clue regarding his love life.

Nonetheless, we hope Reed Horstmann is enjoying his life to the fullest. Also, we hope to meet the handsome actor’s partner in the coming days.