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Peter Zurkuhlen Biography – Career, Relationship & Relationship

Peter Zurkuhlen Biography

Tommy Dorfman is one of the most talked-about individuals in today’s entertainment world. She came into the spotlight after coming out as transgender and opening up about her transition. Along with this part of her life, people have also been interested in knowing more about her relationship with her estranged husband, Peter Zurkuhlen.

Peter found fame as the loving partner of the talented 13 Reasons Why star, Tommy Dorfman. The pair’s love story was celebrated by the fans. Even though they are not together, people are very eager to know more about Zurkuhlen.

So, let’s take a look at Peter’s biography and learn more about him.

Who Is Peter Zurkuhlen?

Tommy Dorfman’s estranged husband was born on February 19, 1988, but it is unclear where he is from. However, on his Instagram, Peter Zurkuhlen has shared pictures from his childhood in New York, so he might have grown up there.

Moreover, as per his LinkedIn, Peter attended The Calhoun School in NYC’s Upper West Side from 1992 to 2006. So, even if he was not born in New York, it is evident that he grew up there. Zurkuhlen graduated from The Calhoun School in 2006 and was part of the school’s varsity basketball, soccer, and volleyball teams.

Peter Zurkuhlen also won the Marcy Mann prize for excellence in Spanish, so it is no surprise that he pursued a degree in Spanish. After graduating from high school, he attended Centre College from 2006 to 2010, and along with Spanish, he also has a degree in literature.

Afterward, Peter enrolled at the International Culinary Center and gained certification in restaurant and food service management. Let’s take a look at whether Zurkuhlen has utilized any of his degrees and certification.

What Does Peter Zurkuhlen Do Professionally?

As aforementioned, Peter Zurkuhlen came into the limelight as Tommy Dorfman’s husband but has also made a name for himself in the world. Speaking about his professional achievements, as per LinkedIn, Peter’s work experiences date back to his high school years, when he worked as a sales and strategy associate at Thomson Reuters in New York.

After completing his high school studies, Peter worked as an assistant to the director of the Norton Center for the Arts. He reportedly coordinated and oversaw all aspects of events, including concerts and ballet performances. Zurkuhlen also served as the head coach for the girls’ junior varsity volleyball team at The Calhoun School.

Then, in 2012, Tommy Dorfman’s estranged husband worked at Brown Harris Stevens as a real estate salesperson before joining the Level Group in the same position the following year. Peter Zurkuhlen also worked as a senior sales agent at Bold New York before founding ChipChop Systems in January 2017. He has continued to serve as the CEO of ChipChop Systems, the developer and licensor of retail and restaurant order fulfillment technology.

Currently, Zurkuhlen serves as the Chief of Staff at Get Help and oversees the timely execution of various internal projects, company initiatives, and milestones. Peter is also a member of StartOut’s programming board. It is evident that Peter is a hardworking man and has worked in different worlds.

How Much Is Peter Zurkuhlen’s Net Worth?

As seen above, the businessman has been involved in a variety of ventures, but the exact amount of Peter Zurkuhlen’s net worth is unknown. However, seeing as he founded his own business venture and serves in the highest position in several companies, his earnings must be substantial.

Moreover, looking at Peter’s Instagram, we can see that he lives comfortably. Moreover, with his continued success in the business world, it won’t be a surprise if we see Peter Zurkuhlen’s net worth rise in the coming years.

On the other hand, Peter’s former husband, Tommy Dorfman, is an actress who has starred in popular shows like 13 Reasons Why. Therefore, her fortune might also be substantial.

When And Where Did Tommy Dorfman and Peter Zurkuhlen Meet?

As stated above multiple times, Peter Zurkuhlen first found fame as Tommy Dorfman’s husband. The pair first met at a housewarming party of a mutual friend in 2005. It is unclear if Peter and Tommy started dating soon after or if they stayed friends for a while before starting their relationship.

Moreover, while talking about her transition, Tommy stated that she had been in a nine-year relationship with a gay man as a male-bodied person. Therefore, she and Peter might have only started dating a few years after meeting.

Well, while it is unclear when their relationship actually started, it is public news that the duo got engaged in 2015. The following year, Zurkuhlen and Dorfman exchanged vows in Portland, Maine. Their wedding ceremony has been kept secret to date, but we hope both Peter and Tommy had a great time starting a new life together.

Was Peter Zurkuhlen Supportive Of Tommy’s Transition?

Those interested in celebrity news are aware that Tommy Dorfman came out as transgender in July 2021 and stated that she was in the process of transitioning. Moreover, at the time, she stated that, as a result of her transition, the relationship between her and her husband, Peter, had also changed.

Despite the changes, Peter Zurkuhlen was very supportive of his then-partner. He publicly praised Tommy Dorfman’s strength and even complimented her. However, owing to Tommy’s transition, the duo is no longer together. Moreover, Peter filed for divorce from the 13 Reasons Why star in February 2022.

We can see that, despite ending their relationship, both Peter and Tommy are still on good terms. We wish the duo all the best in their respective lives and careers.