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Owen Bakula Biography – Childhood, Profession & Relationships

Owen Bakula Biography

The surname Bakula is not a new name in the field of entertainment. People mostly recognize Scott Bakula thanks to his work on the sci-fi series, Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise and many other projects such as Men of a Certain Age, Chuck, Looking, and NCIS: New Orleans. He found much fame from his acting journey and is one of the most talked about stars in the current scene.

But even though Scott might be a well-known person from the Bakula family, he is not the person we will be talking about in this article. Rather we will take a detailed look at another performer namely Owen Bakula’s personal and professional life today.

Who Is Owen Bakula? Where Did He Grow Up?

Owen Bakula, who identifies as nonbinary gender nonconforming, was born in July 1999. They are the youngest among two children of Scott and Chelsea Field. They were born and brought up in Los Angeles and grew up alongside his older brother Wil Bakula. Besides Win, Owen also has two half-siblings named Cody Bakula and Chelsy Bakula from their father’s marriage with  Krista Neumann.

As the Bakula family is based in Los Angeles, there is no doubt that Owen also grew up there. Moreover, while looking through their Instagram, we saw that Bakula stated that they were a Willows Alumni. This means that they attended The Willows Community School in Culver City, California.

Moreover, Owen seems to have found interest in ballet from an early age.

What Does Owen Bakula Do Professionally?

Well, since Scott Bakula is best known for his acting career, it does not come as a surprise that his children have also found interest in the field of arts. And while his youngest child did follow in his footsteps in the performance world, Owen is mostly involved in the dance side of the business. They are a professional dancer, having trained in ballet from an early age.

Bakula trained at the prestigious Russian ballet company, Marat Daukayev Ballet in Los Angeles. They even competed in the Youth America Grand Prix and placed in the Top 12 senior men in 2016. While at the school, Owen performed in numerous productions including the Nutcracker in 2014. Well, it is evident that the talented dancer was excelling in his early dance career.

Following their training at Marat Daujayev Ballet, Owen Bakula signed a contract with the Columbia-based Columbia City Ballet. Since joining the company, they have been involved in the production of numerous projects. On the Columbia City Ballet’s official website, there are numerous productions that Owen has been credited for. A few of these projects are listed below:

  • Nutcracker
  • Nightmare in Hollywood
  • Dracula: Ballet With A Bite
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Studio 54 Ballet

However, even before signing with Columbia City Ballet, Owen Bakula had been a dancer at the Louisville Ballet Company. There Bakula was featured in numerous projects including the highly acclaimed production of Rite of Spring.

Besides their decorated career as a dancer, Owen Bakula has also included the titles, singer, actor, and model on their Instagram bio. They have showcased their singing skills at the An Evening of Classic Broadway while also appearing in the well-known Lip Sync Battle.

Moreover, Owen has reportedly posed for numerous photographers and their portraits can be seen on his social media pages. And with their dance career flourishing beautifully, there is no doubt that we will see more from Bakula in the coming days.

Is Owen Bakula In A Relationship?

While we have detailed much about Owen Bakula’s professional journey, the information about his personal life is very scarce. They have remained quiet regarding their love life and also do not share much regarding it on their social media.

Well, while we know that Bakula has been identified as a non-binary gender non-conforming individual, further details about his life are unclear. But we hope he talks more about his life in the coming days.