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Neel Sethi Biography

Neel Sethi Biography

The Jungle Book is one of the most popular classic children’s tales worldwide. Many children grew up listening to the story and watching the animated series. And kids were fascinated by the animals who talked and the only human in the story, Mowgli.

So, when the live-action version of The Jungle Book was announced, many had thoughts about the person who would play Mowgli. But to everyone’s ecstasy, Neel Sethi embodied the role and won everyone’s heart.

Well, we have seen Neel’s acting in The Jungle Book and several other works. But today, let’s take a look at Sethi’s biography and get to know him better.

Where Did Neel Sethi Grow Up?

The Jungle Book star was born in New York City, New York, on December 22, 2003. He is of Indian origin and is addressed as an Indian-American actor. Neel Sethi’s parents are Sam Sethi and Cheena Sethi, and looking at his Instagram, the actor also has an older sister.

Well, Neel’s mom and dad are both dentists, and he too was thinking of following in their footsteps. But he was enrolled in dance classes, and when his teacher told his parents about the casting call for The Jungle Book, Sethi tried his hand at acting.

On the other hand, Neel has not shared much about his schooling experiences. But in an interview with the Daily News, Sethi stated that he still wanted to be a dentist. So, if he continues to dream of becoming a dentist, then the actor must be studying relative courses. Moreover, in his Instagram bio, Sethi has tagged Loyola Marymount University so, he might be enrolled there.

How Much Is Neel Sethi’s Net Worth?

As mentioned above, the Indian-American actor had plans of becoming a dentist. But after knowing about the casting call for The Jungle Book, his parents took him to the audition. Neel Sethi’ then flew to Los Angeles, and afterward, the movie’s director, Jon Favreau, cast him as the movie’s only human character, Mowgli.

A few months after securing the part, Neel was shooting for the movie and was the only actor on set. He was interacting with puppets, which were stand-ins for computer-generated animals. The Jungle Book was released in 2016 and was very successful at the box office.

As per IMDb, The Jungle Book grossed $364 million in the US and Canada, whereas the worldwide collection was more than $966 million. Well, since he was the main character in the film, Neel Sethi’s net worth must have heavily benefited from it.

While The Jungle Book was Neel’s film debut, he had previously starred in a few short films. He worked on Diwali and Night You Won’t Forget in 2013 and 2015 respectively, before finding fame as Mowgli.

Furthermore, after The Jungle Book, Sethi played a small part in the television show The Last O.G. He is also set to star in the movies Second Chances and Growing up Gorman, as per his IMDb page.

Well, the Indian-American actor seems to have continued his acting journey and will undoubtedly find immense fame. Also, it won’t be a surprise if we see a big increase in Neel Sethi’s net worth in years to come.

Who Is Neel Sethi Dating?

We have seen Neel Sethi grow up from a little boy playing the main character Mowgli to the young adult he is now. Moreover, looking at his Instagram, it seems like Neel is enjoying his time growing up while also pursuing a career in acting.

But one thing that the actor has been quiet about is his love life. It’s unclear who Neel Sethi’s girlfriend is or if he’s even dating anyone. And while Sethi’s Instagram is filled with pictures of himself with his friends and other celebrities, there has been no mention of his partner.

Well, it seems like the Jungle Book star prefers to keep his personal life to himself. But let’s hope we see more of him in the upcoming days.