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Natasha Liu Bordizzo – Early Life, Career & Relationship Status

Natasha Liu Bordizzo

Australian actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo has been active in the entertainment business since 2015 and has since starred in numerous successful projects. She is known for her performances in movies and shows such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, The Greatest Showman, Hotel Mumbai, The Society, and Wish Dragon.

Not only have fans shown interest in Natasha’s career, but they are also eager to know more about her personal story. So, let’s look at Bordizzo’s biography and learn about her childhood, net worth, love life, and others.

Where Did Natasha Liu Bordizzo Spend Her Childhood?

The talented actress was born on August 25, 1994, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was born to a Chinese mother and a father of Italian descent and is an only child. Natasha Liu Bordizzo grew up in Sydney and spent much of her childhood there.

Natasha moved to the US so that she could further her career in acting. Since then, she has made Los Angeles her home but undoubtedly misses her time in Australia.

Did Natasha Liu Bordizzo Attend College?

Since she was born and brought up in Sydney, it is no surprise that Natasha Liu Bordizzo was a student at Sydney Girls High School. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Technology Sydney. Natasha pursued a Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Law degree there.

However, it is unclear if Liu Bordizzo has completed her studies. As per IMDb, she deferred her law degree to work in movies, so it might be that she did not graduate from the university.

Along with her studies, Natasha also has a sports background and trained in martial arts from an early age. She reportedly has a black belt in Taekwondo and also enjoys figure skating, touch football, and horse riding. Well, all of these skills might help her secure several roles that require them.

How Many Movies And Shows Has Natasha Worked On?

The Australian actress was in university when she auditioned for and booked the part of Snow Vase in the 2016 film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. Then she left her studies and home country behind to further her acting career and worked in the short film, On That Night… While We Dream.
Natasha Liu Bordizzo then starred in The Greatest Showman, Detective Chinatown 2, and Hotel Mumbai before securing a part in the Netflix drama The Society. The show was incredibly popular and was even renewed for a second season. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Society was canceled.

The talented actress has continued to star in other projects like Guns Akimbo, Crazy About You, Most Dangerous Game, Wish Dragon and The Voyeurs. Furthermore, she was cast as Sabine Wren in the upcoming Star Wars limited series Ahsoka. Natasha Liu Bordizzo also has numerous other projects on the horizon.

How Much Has Natasha Earned From Her Career?

As noted above, the Australian actress has starred in numerous popular and successful projects to date. Therefore, there is no doubt that Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s net worth is substantial. She had main roles in several projects, so she must have been paid handsomely.

Besides earning from her acting career, the Guns Akimbo actress is also a model and a Chanel ambassador. She has posed for numerous companies, including Bonds, an Australian brand. So, Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s net fortune might be in the millions.

Is Natasha Liu Bordizzo In A Relationship?

Well, we have talked extensively about the brunette beauty’s career, but now we will take a look at her love life. Sadly, Natasha is very secretive about her life and has never talked about her romantic endeavors. So far, it is unknown who Natasha Lui Bordizzo’s partner is.

However, on her Instagram, Natasha can be seen cozying up to her The Society co-star, Olivia Nikkanen. The duo is mostly seen hanging out together and is very close. Neither Natasha nor Olivia have opened up about their relationship or sexuality. But we hope both of them are living their best lives.