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Natalie Negrotti Biography – Childhood, Family, Career & Relationship

Natalie Negrotti Biography

Natalie Negrotti is a popular internet personality who first found fame due to her appearance in the 18th season of the reality show, Big Brother. She has managed to wow the audience thanks to her charming personality and beautiful looks. At one point in her life, Natalie also worked as a cheerleader for the New York Jets.

Well, Natalie has been in the public eye for several years now and earned love from people around the world. People have also shown interest in knowing more about the reality star. So, in this biography, we will take a look at her childhood, family life, career trajectory, and relationships.

Where Is Natalie Negrotti From?

The TV and internet personality was born Natalia Mercedes Negrotti in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 22, 1990. She was raised by her single mother alongside her sister. Negrotti shares a close bond with her mom and her sibling but no facts about her father can be found.

Moreover, information about when Natalie and her family moved to the US is unclear. But we do know that she studied at Seton Hall University, New Jersey having settled in Franklin Park, NJ. As per her LinkedIn, Negrotti studied public relationships and journalism at the university and was also a part of the Seton Hall University Dance Team.

When Did Natalie Negrotti Start Her Professional Journey?

While pursuing her degree in New Jersey, the talented individual served as a student associate at The Madison Square Garden Company. She even served at Pirate TV Ltd and The Sentonian. Before serving as a writer for the Alternative Press Magazine.

Between her early work in the journalism world, Natalie Negrotti also utilized her dance background and worked as a cheerleader. She was a professional cheerleader for the NFL team New York Jets. She was a New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader and cheered at the home games, and events while also making appearances on radio and TV stations.

Following her time as a cheerleader, Natalie joined the popular reality series Big Brother. She was a cast member of the 18th season of the show and first appeared in it during the season premiere in June 2016. The series went on for 99 days and the finale aired on 21st September 2016. Sadly, Negrotti had been evicted on the 86th day but was one of the most popular contestants that season. She even became the top three America’s Favorite Houseguests but lost the top spot to Victor Arroyo.

After finding fame through her appearance in Big Brother, Natalie Negrotti started growing her online presence. She started out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but has also amassed a big following on YouTube and TikTok. Moreover, the Venezuela-born beauty also competed in the MTV show, The Challenge. She was eliminated in the 12 episodes but was also a popular cast member.

Furthermore, Natalie continued her television journey by co-hosting the Ex on the Beach launch special in 2018 and also as a contestant on Match Me If You Can in 2021. She also competed in The Challenge: War of the Worlds and was paired with JP Andrade. However, the duo ended up getting eliminated in the fourth episode.

Despite not having much luck regarding her reality show appearances, Natalie Negrotti has found much fame for her appearance on them. Moreover, these projects helped her gain a big following on social media sites. Today, Natalie boasts over 297K followers on Instagram, 29.3K on TikTok, and 96.3K on Twitter.

Additionally, the New York resident also runs a YouTube channel where she shares her traveling and lifestyle vlogs. As of December 2022, she had over 8.6K subscribers and has garnered over 258K total video views. It is evident that her YouTube career is flourishing gradually and there is no doubt that she will find more success in the coming days.

Is Natalie Negrotti In A Relationship?

Well, Natalie Negrotti has been in the spotlight since her appearance in the reality show, Big Brother. Moreover, people are very interested in knowing more about her personal side and relationship history. So, is she in a relationship now, and who are her previous partners?

Well, Negrotti’s first public relationship was with her fellow Big Brother cast member James Huling. The pair were involved in a showmance while on the show and continued dating after coming out of the house. But their relationship did not last long and they parted ways. Natalie then was linked to Johnny Bananas when the duo was on another reality show, The Challenge: Vendettas. This was also reportedly a showmance and the relationship did not further into more.

Then in 2018, the Venezuela-born beauty came out as pansexual and stated that she was dating a woman. But she did not reveal the identity of her partner since she wanted to keep it private. Moreover, Natalie accused her fellow The Challenge castmate, Kaleigh Morris of outing her as a lesbian on social media.

Well, to everyone’s surprise, fans were introduced to Natalie Negrotti’s girlfriend, Stephanie in April 2019. The pair had already been together for a year and a half at the time, having first met through a dating app. Stephanie is reportedly a Boston native who worked as a director of business development and Natalie had nothing but good things to share about her partner.

But sadly only a few months after the big announcement, Natalie Negrotti and Stephanie broke up. The reality star shared the sad news through her social media. Since then Negrotti had been keeping details about her relationship private. But she did allude that she had been on vacation with a man. Well, we hope to be introduced to her partner soon and we wish her the best in the coming days.