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Mario Selman Biography – Childhood, Career, Net Worth & Love Life

Mario Selman Biography

Mario Selman is a social media star who has been in the spotlight for many years now. He has found fame thanks to his online presence on various social sites such as YouTube, TikTok, and many others. Selman has also branched out to launch his own series.

Well, thanks to his internet fame, Mario has been in the spotlight for years and many are eager to learn more about him. Today, in this biography we will take a look at Seman’s childhood, career, net worth, love life, and more.

Where Was Mario Selman Raised?

The popular social media personality was born in Chile on December 21, 1999. Mario Selman’s parents raised him in Chile for a while before the family moved to Florida, USA. He grew up alongside his siblings Nacha Morel and Catalina Seman. Nacha was also born in Chile like Mario, while Cat was born and brought up in south Florida.

Talking about his family, there is no further information regarding Mario Selman’s mother and father. While his mom was featured in his earlier videos, at the moment, his parents are not featured much. Nonetheless, the Tik Tok star must have had a wonderful childhood.

Similar to details about his family, not much has been revealed about Mario’s educational background. It is unclear where Selman attended high school or if he attended any university. But let’s hope in the coming days we will get to know more about Selman’s childhood and studies.

When Did Mario Selman’s Professional Career Start?

As stated above, Mario Selman is best known for his social media presence. He reportedly launched his YouTube channel in July 2014 but did not taste much success in his early years. What actually pushed Mario to the spotlight was the platform,, where he lip-synced to various videos. He reportedly had ovThe video sharing place 3 million fans on the video sharing site. has since transferred into the highly popular platform, TikTok, and Mario Selman has over 4.2 million followers there. He has received more than 166.5 million likes on his video which shows us that the social media personality’s content is loved by many.

Furthermore, on TikTok, Mario uploads reaction videos, lip-syncing videos, and other varied content. He also collaborates with his sisters and other TikTokers once in a while. Looking at the numbers, it is evident that Selman has gained much success from the platform.

On the other hand, Mario Selman’s self-titled YouTube channel has over 775K subscribers. He has garnered more than 29 million total video views on the channel. On the video-sharing site, fans can watch vlog-style content where Selman talks about his life and more. Furthermore, he also did many collaborations with other creators in his early days.

After finding much fame from his social media presence, Mario Selman launched his own series titled The Early Early Show on Facebook. There he interviewed various celebrities, talking about their lives and many more. Moreover, on IMDb, Mario has been credited for appearing in shows like Floor Is Lava, Hype House, Something About Larry, and many more.

It is evident that the Chile-born star has found much fame from his internet career. And Mario Selman’s net worth has undoubtedly seen a massive increase in recent years. We hope the social media personality continues to find more success.

Who Is Mario Selman Dating Now?

Even though much of Mario Selman’s life is on social media, he has managed to keep details about his life away from the spotlight. He rarely talks about his romantic life and prefers to keep it private. Selman’s Instagram and other social media pages also do not give us any clue regarding his personal life.

Therefore, we might have to wait for a while to be introduced to Mario Selman’s partner. But we wish him all the best for his future.