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Malte Gardinger Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationship

Malte Gardinger Biography

Malte Gardinger is a young Swedish actor who has been involved in the entertainment business since 2014. He has worked on numerous shows and movies in Sweden but came into international prominence for playing one of the main characters August in the Netflix teen drama Young Royals. He has also put out music which shows that he is a multi-talented individual.

Well, thanks to the success of Young Royals, Malte has gained attention from people around the world. Moreover, people are very interested in knowing about the young star’s life. So, in this biography, we will take a look at his career, childhood, relationships, and more.

Where Did Malte Gardinger Grow Up?

The Young Royals star was born Malte Myrenberg Gårdinger, in Sweden on July 23, 2000. Malte Gardinger’s parents, Pontus Joakim Gårdinger and Karin Myrenberg are both involved in the entertainment industry. His mother, Karin is a production designer while his dad, Pontus is a popular television presenter and show host.

Seeing as both of his parents work in show business, Malte was undoubtedly introduced to the industry from early on. Moreover, he seems to have shown interest in acting from an early age and started working professionally as a teenager.

Well, we might have an idea about his family and his interest in acting, but information regarding Malte’s educational background is not available. But since he started acting from an early age, there is a chance that Gardinger may have been homeschooled.

What Projects Has Malte Gardinger Worked On?

Aforementioned, Malte Gardinger started his professional acting career as a teenager. His first work was in the 2014 movie The Andersons Rock the Mountains where he played the character Santos. For this project, he was credited as Malte Myrenberg Gårdinger. Following this, the Swedish star appeared in the short films #will and Fate in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Malte also starred in a few episodes of the television series Jordskott and played Tonårskille 2. Gardinger‘s television journey continued with appearances in shows listed below:

Television show Character
Sjukt oklar Yosef
The Sandhamn Murders Vincent
Skitsamma Ola
Gåsmamman Kei
Lyckoviken Charlie

Along with the aforementioned television series, Malte also worked on the 2022 movie Triangle of Sadness where he played a male model. Moreover, he is set to appear in the feature film Ett sista race in 2023.

However, people mostly recognize Malte Gardinger for his work in the Netflix teen drama, Young Royals. He plays one of the main characters named August and found worldwide fame soon after the show premiered in July 2021. The show created by Lisa Ambjörn became a huge success and returned for a second season in November 2022.

Much like its first season, Young Royals’ second season has also become popular among the viewers. Moreover, Malte’s performance as August has received praise from critics as well as audiences. Well, it is evident Gardinger is very talented and can play varied characters in television shows and movies. Also, with his success as an actor, the Swedish national has undoubtedly earned a massive sum already.

Moreover, Malte Gardinger’s net worth also includes his earnings as a music artist. He put out his first single titled Nära vän, a collaboration with Nonni in 2021. The song was a huge success and there is no doubt that we will hear more from Malte in the coming days.

We wish the Swedish star even more success in his acting and music career.

Is Malte Gardinger In A Relationship?

Well, we have a clear picture of the talented actor’s career trajectory, but sadly the same cannot be said about his personal life. The Swedish star has not talked much about his relationships and love life. Moreover, his social media pages also do not showcase any clue regarding his romantic life.

Well, it seems like fans have to wait for a while to find out who Malte Gardinger’s partner is. But we hope that he opens up about his life in the coming days.