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Lyubov Aksyonova Biography – Early Life, Profession & Love Life

Lyubova Aksyonova Biography

Lyubov Aksyonova is a talented actress who has worked on over 60 projects to date. She has starred in movies and shows such as Silver Spoon, The Telki, Triada, Byvshie, Vokalno-kriminalnyy ansambl, Ubezhat, dognat, vluybitsya and many more. She has found much success in her acting career which spans over a decade.

Well, thanks to her immensely successful career in the acting business, people have shown interest in knowing more about Lyubov herself. Therefore, in this biography, we will look at her early life, her professional journey, and love life.

Where Did Lyubov Aksyonova Grow Up?

The talented actress was born Lyubov Pavlovna Novikova in Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR, on 15th March 1990. She spent much of her life there but has not shared much regarding her childhood. Moreover, no details about Lyubov Aksyonova’s parents have been revealed yet and also it is unclear if she has any siblings. But we hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about her early life.

As for her educational background, Lyubov Aksyonova studied at the prestigious Russian Institute of Theatre Arts. She seems to have completed her studies there and has since starred in many well-known Russian projects.

What Movies And Television Shows Has Lyubov Aksyonova Worked On?

As stated above, Lyubov Aksyonova trained at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts. She then made her acting debut playing a small part in the show Detektivy in 2009. This was followed by another series Nashi sosedi and the short film, Shipovnik. In 2011, Lyubov starred as Kristina Panfilova in 60 episodes of the TV show, Zakrytaya shkola. Her performance in these projects was well received. The same year she also appeared in Muzhchina vo mne.

Lyubov Aksyonova’s big screen debut came in 2012 in the movie, Short Stories. She followed it up with appearances in V zone riska, Vklyuchi motor i sday nazad, Serdtse ne kamen that year. Lyubov then starred in the shows, The Day After (original title – Vyzhit posle) Smekh i grekh and Studiya 17 and the movies, Inkvizitor and Kino pro Alekseeva. Moreover, in all of the aforementioned projects, the Russian star was credited as Lyubov Novikova.

Since 2014 Lyubov has used the name Lyubov Aksyonova and has also found immense success as an actress. Her performance in shows such as Obnimaya nebo, Pyanaya firma, The Road to Calvary have earned her much recognition. Few other TV series that she has starred in are Vokalno-kriminalnyy ansambl, Myatezh, Games People Play, Nastya, soberis!, Triada, Kidney, Byvshie, Silver Spoon, The Telki and Tsplyonok zharenyy to name a few.

Moreover, Lyubov has also starred in many movies over the years, a few of which are listed below:

  • Lyubit ne lyubit
  • Rodina
  • Gryaz
  • Guardians of the Night
  • Moscow Never Sleeps
  • Salyyut-7
  • Beyond the Edge
  • Sadko
  • The Perect Ones
  • Coma
  • Have Fun, Vasya! Date in Bali
  • Major Grom: Plague Doctor
  • Girls Got Game
  • My Sweet Monster
  • Chinovnik

Looking at all of the works that she has worked on over the years, it is safe to assume that Lyubov Aksyonova’s net worth has benefited heavily from her acting journey. And with even more project on the horizon, there is no doubt that Lyubov will earn even more fame and fortune.

Who Is Lyubov Aksyonova Married To?

Well, talking about her personal life, the talented Russian actress is a married woman. However, besides his name, not much is known about Lyubov Aksyonov’s husband Pavel Aksyonov. Lyubov herself has not talked about her relationship and also does not share pictures of her partner on her social media.

The only detail regarding Lyubov and Pavel Aksyonov’s relationship is that the pair tied the knot in February 2013. Following the marriage, the talented actress took her husband’s surname and continues to use it in personal and professional settings.

Well, we hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about Lyubov Aksyonov’s husband and their relationship.