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Lottie Moss Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationship

Lottie Moss Biography

Lottie Moss is a fashion model who first came into the limelight due to her connection with supermodel Kate Moss. She has been working in the modeling industry since she was a teenager but has now made a name for herself in the business.

Seeing as she is related to a famous person and has now found fame herself, it is no surprise that people want to know more about Lottie. So, in this biography, we will take a look at Moss’ childhood, career, relationship, and many more.

Where Is Lottie Moss From?

The popular model was born as Charlotte Moss in London, England, on 9th January 1998. She is the only child of her parents, Peter Edward Moss and Inger Solnordal aka Inger Moss. Lottie grew up in London and was thrust into the spotlight early on due to her half-sister, Kate Moss’ fame. The pair also has a brother named Nick Moss.

The Moss sisters have a 20-year age difference as a result they did not spend much time together. Moreover, Kate was already an international star so the siblings were not as close. Lottie herself has stated that her relationship with her elder sister is complicated but it seems like they are on good terms now.

Well, despite having a popular big sister, Lottie, and her parents managed to keep much of her early life away from the spotlight. Details regarding her time growing up and her educational background have not been revealed yet. Nonetheless, with a loving mother and father supporting her, Moss must have had a wonderful time growing up.

When Did Lottie Moss Start Modeling?

Aforementioned, Lottie is the younger half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, so it is no surprise that the young woman too stepped into modeling. She caught people’s attention after serving as a bridesmaid at her sister’s high-profile wedding. After the pictures from the wedding were published in Vogue, Sarah Doukas, the woman who scouted Kate, called Lottie Moss’ father asking if she too wanted to model.

Following this, Lottie signed with Storm Management in 2014 and her first featured photoshoot was in Dazed magazine. Her first print editorial was in the American magazine Teen Vogue and Moss was also featured in advertisements for Calvin Klein.

Lottie’s modeling career flourished beautifully and she even landed her first Vogue cover two years after her debut. She shared the cover with American fashion model, Lucky Blue Smith. She continued to pose for several companies and also walked at various fashion weeks.

However, behind all the glitz and glamor of the modeling business, Lottie Moss apparently had a difficult time. She felt pressure from everyone to look like her half-sister, Kate when she was in her hey-day. Lottie stated that people wanted her to be Kate Moss part too. She was reportedly asked to lose weight and get down to a specific waist measurement size.

Furthermore, Lottie has alleged that her modeling agency boss plied her with alcohol and drugs and forced her to work against her will. She had several emotional breakdowns and did not have much fun doing her work as a model. After spending years as a model, in 2021 Moss said goodbye to the fashion modeling world.

What Does Lottie Moss Do Professionally Now?

As stated above, Lottie Moss left the modeling world after having a difficult time in the industry. And afterward, Moss took up OnlyFans where she sells nude photos of herself. She stated that she was a sexual person and defended her decision.

Lottie has talked about how her modeling career heavily benefitted from nepotism or her connection with her sister Kate Moss. As a result, creating content on her own terms has been an enjoyable experience for her.

Well, we hope that the model is happy with her profession now and enjoying her time.

Is Lottie Moss Dating Anyone?

Talking about her love life, the English model has kept it hidden from the spotlight. She identifies as pansexual but besides this, Lottie has not shared much about her romantic life.

Moreover, Lottie Moss’s Instagram also does not give us any clue regarding the personal side of her life. Therefore, we might have to wait a while before getting to know who Lottie Moss’ partner is.