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Lord Giselle Biography – Early Life, Net Worth & Dating History

Lord Giselle Biography

Social media influencers have managed to gain prominence similar to that of traditional celebrities. Whether it is an Instagram model or a Tik Tok influencer, they have gained millions of followers and have used their popularity to engage in the digital marketing industry.

Among a slew of influencers who have found fame and utilized it for their profit is Lord Gisselle. She has established her own business venture and is also continuing her work as a social media influencer. Today, let’s take a look at Gisselle’s biography and learn more about her.

Who Is Lord Gisselle?

As per her website, Lord Gisselle was born Aileen Gisselle on May 30, 2021, in the US. She has not shared much about her early life, including the identity of her parents. There is also very little information regarding her siblings. However, some sites state that Melz Gisselle is Lord Gisselle’s sister, and she is the founder of the online retail store named Heavenly Skye.

Besides this, Aileen has remained silent regarding her childhood. Moreover, it is unclear from which high school Gisselle graduated. Moreover, a few websites suggest that she was enrolled at the University of California to continue her studies.

Well, Lord Gisselle is a very private person and has not talked about where she grew up. But we hope she shares more about her early life.

How Much Is Lord Gisselle’s Net Worth?

As stated above, the social media influencer is a very private person and has shared little to no information about herself. But we do know what she does professionally and can say that Lord Gisselle’s net worth is substantial.

Lord Gisselle started her career as a model and posed for various brands earlier. She was in photoshoots for endorsement campaigns and undoubtedly earned a considerable sum from modeling.

Moreover, Aileen used her massive social media following to promote products from brands like Fashion Nova, BBKAY LA, and Haus of Visio, to name a few. On Instagram, Lord Gisselle has more than 314K followers and has managed to advertise various products there.

After finding much fame as an Instagram model, Lord Gisselle tried her hand in the business world. In 2017, she teased her fans about her new business venture. Aileen later revealed that she would be starting her own online boutique store, Haus of Kiddies, in 2018.

The store, Haus of Kiddies, has its own Instagram page, and on the bio, it states that it is an online children’s boutique selling unique and original one-of-a-kind pieces, accessories, and clothing. While Aileen promoted the store heavily in the early days, the account has not been active for quite some time.
It is unclear if Lord Gisselle still operates the children’s boutique.

On the other hand, Aileen also started a YouTube channel under the name Lord Gisselle TV. She posted her first and only video in March 2020, which starred herself and her daughter, Emoniee Gisselle. The channel has been dormant since, but Lord also operated her little girl’s YouTube channel, E & Mee TV, for a while.

Well, the influencer no longer operates both of the channels, but she might have earned some money from them when they were active. Moreover, at the moment, it seems like Lord Gisselle’s net worth is heavily influenced by her career as a model.

Who Is Lord Gisselle Dating Now?

Aileen Gisselle has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. And, as aforementioned, she has a daughter named Emoniee Gisselle. However, Lord Gisselle’s baby daddy remains a mystery. Furthermore, it is unclear who Lord is dating currently.

However, in the past, Aileen has been linked to numerous popular stars. Early in the pandemic, Gisselle took the internet by storm by sharing a video of Rob Kardashian. The pair were reportedly having a romantic dinner, and Aileen shared the beautiful clip on her Instagram. But neither of them has made any comments regarding their relationship.

Before Rob, Gisselle was also linked to the popular boxer, Floyd Mayweather. But just like her time with Kardashian, Aileen kept quiet about the rumors. Most recently, Lord Gisselle was rumored to be seeing another boxer, Devin Haney. However, many suggested that she was his alleged sidepiece.

Moreover, Lord Gisselle and Devin’s ex-girlfriend Kris Summers were caught in an altercation, which resulted in more reports about Aileen and the boxer’s romantic endeavors. The social media influencer did not address the incident, and we hope that the beef between the women has been squashed.