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Linus Sebastian Biography – Before Fame, Career & Relationship

Linus Sebastian Biography

Linus Sebastian is a popular tech YouTuber who is best known for his work on the Linus Tech Tips channel. He started out as a presenter for the online computer retailer NCIX which is now defunct and has since founded her own company. Linus has been counted among the top power players in tech and his channel is one of the most viewed ones on YouTube.

But besides his career, fans have also shown much interest in Linus’ background and personal life. Therefore in this biography, we will take a detailed look at his life before fame, professional journey, relationship history, and more.

Where Is Linus Sebastian From?

The YouTube star was born Linus Gabriel Sebastian was born in Ladner, British Columbia, Canada on 20th August 1986. He was raised alongside his siblings on a farm but further information regarding his childhood has not been revealed yet. Moreover, who Linus Sebastian’s parents are and where they live now is a big mystery.

In a similar vein, Linus has also not talked much about his educational background. And while he has not shared much regarding it, Sebastian must have been interested in computers and the technology world early on.

How Did Linus Sebastian‘s Career Start?

Aforementioned, Linus was interested in the world of technology from a young age. He started working for the Canadian online computer store, NCIX in the 2000s. While there he was asked by the company to be a host for its technology channel. He helped demonstrate products and was assisted by an editor and cameraperson. He had limited resources, shooting videos with a borrowed camera.

However, after low viewership and high costs during the early days of the channel, Linus was instructed to create another channel Linus Tech Tips. This second channel was a cheaper offshoot for the NCIX channel so that the company could lower production value. Linus Tech Tips was launched in November 2008 and gained a huge following. Sebastian also worked as a regular presenter for NCIX till 2013.

Following a dispute regarding the company management, Linus negotiated an agreement that allowed him to keep the Linus Tech Tips. Since 2013, Sebastian has served as the CEO of Linus Media Group Inc. Since taking over the company, the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel has grown exponentially and boasts over 15.2 million subscribers. Moreover, the channel has total video views of over 6 billion.

The Canadian content creator has also set up several other YouTube channels under the Linus Media Group. All of the channels have been quite successful and the company which is headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia has a long list of employees. Moreover, Linus Sebastian also owns an online streaming service that offers content creators a platform to share and monetize their content.

Well, it is evident that Linus Sebastian has found much success in his career. We wish him even more success in the coming days.

Who Is Linus Sebastian Married To?

The well-known YouTuber has been quiet regarding his personal life. But we do know that he is a married man. Linus Sebastian’s wife is Yvonne Ho and the pair have been married since May 2011. The duo has kept much of their lives away from the spotlight.

But Yvonne has been mentioned on the YouTuber’s channel on a few occasions and on her Twitter page she has shared pictures of three children. Linus and his wife have two daughters and a son together and they have also appeared in a few videos. Let’s hope we get to know more about the family in the coming days.