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Lil Baby Biography – Childhood, Family Life, Career & Love Life

Lil Baby Biography

Lil Baby is a popular American rapper who has put out numerous albums since his debut in the music industry in the mid-2010s. He has found much fame in his music career having secured top spots on the Billboard charts for his singles and albums. A few of his popular songs include Yes Indeed, Drip Too Hard, We Paid, and The Bigger Picture.

Thanks to his hard-earned success as a rapper, people have taken notice of Lil Baby and want to learn more about his life. So in this biography, we will learn about his childhood, family life, struggles, a career as well as love life.

What Was Lil Baby’s Childhood Like?

The American rapper was born Josiah Armani Jones on December 3rd, 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is also known as Dominique Armani Jones but has taken up the stage name Lil Baby. As per various sources, the musical artist grew up alongside his two sisters in the Oakland City neighborhood. The siblings were raised by their mother as Lil Baby’s father left the family when he was two.

Having grown up without one of his parents must have had a negative impact on the young rapper. He had been enrolled at the Booker T. Washington High School but dropped out in 9th grade. Following this, he committed to drug dealing and was even arrested multiple times.

Josiah Jones was apparently charged with possession with intent to sell and other charges in early 2012. The following year he was charged with possession of marijuana of less than an ounce. For the third time in as many years, Lil Baby was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. The rapper was incarcerated for two years.

When Did Lil Baby Start His Music Career?

As stated above, Lil Baby was involved in drug dealing and was even arrested for it multiple times. And one place where he was regularly present as a drug dealer was in the studio of Quality Control Records in Atlanta. The label founder, Kevin Lee aka Coach K encouraged Jones to become a rapper.

After developing his own style with the help of fellow artists, Gunna and Young Thug, Lil Baby released his first mixtape titled Perfect Timing in April 2017. He then put out his second and third mixtapes, Harder Than Hard 2 The Hard Way in six months. In December of the same year, the Atlanta-based rapper’s fourth mixtape titled Too Hard was released. The single Freestyle from Too Hard was a big hit and was certified gold in February 2020, by the RIAA.

Lil Baby’s career continued on an upward trajectory with the release of his debut studio album named Harder Than Ever in May 2018. The record was a huge hit and debuted at no. 3 on the Billboard 200. Singles such as Yes Indeed, Life Goes On and Southside helped support the success of the album. Moreover, soon after his debut in the music industry, Lil formed his own label, 4 Pockets Full (aka 4PF). Rylo Rodriguez and 42 Dugg are the two artists signed to the label.

Following the success of his first studio album, Lil Baby put out Drip Harder, a collaborative mixtape with Gunna. It was followed by numerous collaborations with other rappers for their songs as well as Baby’s appearance in projects such as FishCenter Live, How High 2, and many more.

The Atlanta-based rapper started the cycle for his second studio album with the release of the single, Woah in November 2019. This was followed by the release of the song Catch the Sun, which was in the movie Queen & Slim. The second album, My Turn was then released through Capitol Records in February 2020. The record had guest appearances from artists such as 42 Dugg, Gunna, Future, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and many more.

Lil Baby then worked on many songs with other rappers and singers throughout 2021. He also performed at the 2021 Grammy Awards and other platforms to positive reviews. Moreover, his collaborative studio album, The Voice of the Heroes, with Lil Durk was released in June 2021 and debuted at no. 1 on Billboard 200. His next solo album, It’s Only Me was released in October 2022 and featured appearances from Young Thug, Nardo Wick, Rylo Rodriguez, and many more.

Furthermore, the documentary centered on Lil Baby, Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, which was directed by Karam Gill premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. In the documentary, we can see the behind-the-scenes story of the rapper’s rise to fame.

Well, thanks to his success in the music industry, Lil Baby’s net worth is now estimated to be around $8 million. His albums and singles have sold millions of copies over the years. Moreover, on various streaming platforms, the rapper is highly popular, and earning from them adds to his net fortune. And with his continued success, there is no doubt that the Atlanta-born music artist will amass even more wealth.

Is Lil Baby In A Relationship?

Much like his career, Lil Baby has been on the news multiple times due to his personal life. While he seems to be enjoying his time as a single man now, the rapper has been in a few high-profile relationships. He first dated a woman named Ayesha and the former pair even welcomed a son together.

Lil Baby then reportedly started dating entrepreneur and Instagram model, Jayda Cheaves in 2016. She also starred in many music videos for Lil’s songs over the years. The pair were very much in love and also welcomed a child together in February 2019.

However, Lil and Jayda’s relationship took a turn after a woman came forward claiming that the rapper had paid her to sleep with him. Lil Baby denied the reports and even accused the woman of using his name for clout. This incident seems to have had a negative impact on the couple’s relationship.

Then in March 2022, Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby both shared cryptic messages on their social media pages. While neither of them explicitly addressed the other, fans thought the shady messages were aimed at the other. Well, it seems the couple is no longer together and has moved on with their lives.