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Leah Lewis Biography – Family, Career & Relationship Status

Leah Lewis Biography

Leah Lewis came into the limelight thanks to her performance as the lead character Ellie Chu in the coming-of-age drama, The Half of It. She has also worked on many other well known projects such as Nancy Drew, The Gifted, How to Deter a Robber and Charmed. Moreover, she has also showcased her skill in photography and as a musician on numerous occasions.

Thanks to the success of The Half of It, Leah came into the limelight and people were clamoring to know more about her. So, here we will take a look at Lewis’ childhood, family life, acting journey, relationship and more.

What Was Leah Lewis’ Childhood Like?

The Half of It star was born on December 9, 1996 in Shanghai, China. But after being adopted by an American couple when she was six months old, Leah grew up in Windermere, Florida.

Moreover, she was raised alongside her sister, Lydia Lewis, who was also adopted from the same orphanage. The sisters grew up immersed in Chinese culture despite having American parents and Leah has shared her gratitude for the experience several times.

Leah Lewis’ parents Lorraine Lewis and Frederick Lewis are both realtors. But they were very supportive of their eldest daughter’s passion for the performing arts.

Moreover, Lorraine even moved back and forth between Orlando and Los Angeles while Leah was shooting as a teenager. It is evident that the talented actress got support for her dream from an early age.

As for her education, Leah attended Crenshaw School in Orlando, Florida and also discovered performing arts there. She was previously enrolled at Thornebrooke Elementary School, Southwest Middle School and Gotha Middle School.

Lewis finished her high school studies at Olympia High School before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 20 by herself.

When Did Leah Lewis Start Her Professional Career?

As stated above, Leah gained support from her parents and started her journey into the world of entertainment early on. She started booking commercials at a young age and also had small parts in projects such as Lullaby, Circumstance, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Paloozaville, Nanking and Gua zi. In all of these projects, Lewis was credited as Leah Liang.

Then in 2012, the talented actress appeared in two TV movies, Fred 3: Camp Fred and Madison High. She continued on with her acting career appearing in a few episodes of Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, Sing It!, Best Friends Whenever, and Guidance. 2018 saw Leah starring in numerous shows such as My Dead Ex, Light as a Feather, The Good Doctor, Charmed and more.

Then in 2020, Leah Lewis gained international prominence for her performance as Ellie Chu in the movie The Half of It. This was her first project as a lead and Leah received critical acclaim for her work in it. This was followed by voiceover roles in a few episodes of It’s Pony in 2021 and Batwheels in 2022. Moreover, since 2019, Lewis has played Georgia “George” Fan in the mystery drama series Nancy Drew.

One of Leah’s unreleased projects is Pixar’s Elemental where she will voice Ember Lumen. There are even more projects on the horizon, so, it won’t be a surprise if there is a significant increase in Leah Lewis’ net worth.

Who Is Leah Lewis Dating Now?

Much like her success in her professional journey, The Half of It star has also found much happiness in her personal life. She is in a long term relationship and has shared a few details about it with her fans. Leah Lewis’ boyfriend is Payson Lewis, a musician who has already put out numerous singles.

Payson and Leah reportedly started dating in May 2016 and have shared a glimpse of their love life with their Instagram followers. The duo even adopted a dog together. We wish the couple more happiness in the coming days.

How Tall Is Leah Lewis?

Talking about her height, Leah Lewis stands at 5 feet 5 inches and flaunts her beautiful brown hair. She is a fitness enthusiast and sometimes shares videos of her workouts. Moreover, she also does not hesitate to put out content of her playing her  guitar and singing.

Well, we hope that Leah finds even more success in her career.