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Lauren Bittner Biography – Early Life, Career & Relationship

Lauren Bittner Biography

Lauren Bittner is a talented actress who is best known for her performance as Julie in the horror film, Paranormal Activity 3. She has also worked on many other projects such as Flannel Pajamas, The Thing About My Folks, Subject: I Love You, and Bride Wars to name a few. She has found success in both the television and film world.

Well, Lauren has amassed a lot of followers due to her work in the aforementioned projects. And many are eager to know more about the talented actress and her life. So, here we will take a look at Bittner’s biography and get to know her better.

Where Is Lauren Bittner From?

The Paranormal Activity 3 star was born on July 22, 1980, in New York City. She reportedly grew up in Long Island and started doing community theater at an early age. While there is no concrete information regarding Lauren Bittner’s parents, the actress once shared a picture of them stating that they have been married for 50 years.

Moreover, she has mentioned having a brother on her Instagram but his identity is a mystery. But let’s hope we will get to know more about Lauren’s family and childhood.

As for her studies, on IMDb, it is stated that Lauren studied English at St. John’s University. She must have completed her high school studies in her hometown before joining college.

When Did Lauren Bittner Start Her Acting Journey?

As stated above, Bittner was interested in acting from a young age and was involved in community theater early on. Lauren then made her professional acting debut in 2004 playing Amber in an episode of the show THe Watch. Her film debut came a year later when she had a small part in The Thing About My Folks.

Lauren Bittner then appeared in the TV movie, Nobody’s Watching, and the feature film, Flannel Pajamas and had small roles in the shows, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Lovebites in 2006. The following year she starred in The Black Donnellys, Gardener of Eden, and Spellbound. Following this, Lauren had significant roles in projects such as Bride Wars, The Mighty Macs, Worn, The Secret Lives of Wives, and Subject: I Love You.

Then in 2011, the New York native starred in the horror film, Paranormal Activity 3. The movie was very successful and Lauren herself found much fame for her performances. She then appeared in an episode of Blue Bloods before booking the part of Vivian Wilkes in the show, Hart of Dixie. Bittner starred in the series from 2013 to 2014 and also starred as Rachel in the movie Saint Janet.

Lauren’s acting journey continued with appearances in projects such as Beauty and the Beast, The Handmaid, Deception, and Monsterland. And while her last work was in 2020, we hope to see more about her acting skills in the coming days.

Who Is Lauren Bittner Married To?

Talking about her love life, Lauren Bittner is happily married to the love of her life, Corey Patrick. The pair have been together for over a decade now and are also loving parents of two boys. Lauren and Corey welcomed their sons, Wyatt Patrick and James Patrick, and are now raising them in a loving environment.

While there is no further information regarding the Bittner-Patrick family, we can see that they are enjoying their time together through the actress’ social media pages. She does not hesitate to share pictures of her little ones trying out new and old things. Moreover, Lauren Bittner’s husband is also active on Instagram and shares photos of the family.

Well, we hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about Lauren Bittner and her lovely family.