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Laura Dotson Biography – Career, Net Worth & Relationship

Laura Dotson Biography

Storage Wars is one of the most popular and unique reality shows that has aired on A&E. The show focused on the life and work of auctioneers in California and showed viewers the ins and outs of their day-to-day work.

Along with the show, the cast members have also found much fame, and one such individual who is now known around the world is Laura Dotson. Today, let’s take a look at Laura’s biography and learn more about her life.

Who Is Laura Dotson?

The Storage Wars star was born Laura Christine Payton in Thousand Oaks, California, on May 13, 1968. She grew up in Thousand Oaks and lived there for most of her life. However, there is no information regarding Laura Dotson’s parents. It is also unclear if she is an only child or if she was raised with her siblings.

As per IMDb, Laura is multilingual; therefore, she must have learned different languages growing up. Moreover, she was involved in Girl Scouts and learned many techniques, including CPR. This skill later helped her save someone dear to her.

Well, while we have very few details regarding Dotson’s childhood, we hope Laura opens up more in the coming days.

When Did Laura Dotson Began Working As An Auctioneer?

Laura Dotson’s journey into the auctioneering world seems to have started after she met her husband, Dan Dotson, in 1996. They became business partners and established the well-known company American Auctioneers. Laura only started learning about auctions after joining the trade with her life partner.

The Dotson couple’s company specializes in auctions of storage units, business inventories, estates, and equipment. Moreover, Laura played a big part in the company’s and her husband Dan’s success. Laura, herself has found auctioneering interesting and has even been involved in the auction part of the business.

Then, in 2010, Laura Doston and Dan Doston appeared in the new reality series, Storage Wars. The pair managed to charm the audiences with their knowledge about the auctioneering world and its nature. Laura even acted as an auctioneer while her spouse Dan was a ringman on multiple occasions.

The couple starred in the show for ten seasons before being cut from it due to budgetary reasons. Despite this, the Dotson pair continued to support Storage Wars. They came back to the show for the 13th season and will continue to appear if the series continues.

How Much Is Laura Dotson’s Net Worth?

As stated above, the Storage Wars star found success in the auctioneering business after founding her own business with her husband. Therefore, there is no doubt that Laura Dotson’s net worth is substantial. Furthermore, for their appearance in the reality show, both Laura and Don must have been paid a significant amount.

Along with their auctioneering business, Laura and Don also found success in their real estate ventures. As per various sources, the pair bought a 60-acre property in Kentucky as an investment in 2005. It seems like the Dotson couple struck gold with the property, as in 2013 they found out that the land had valuable oil under it.

Soon after, Laura and Don got a big check from a drilling company and have continued to earn a considerable sum from it. So, it is evident that Laura Dotson’s net worth is also influenced by her earnings from oil.

When Did Laura Dotson And Don Dotson Marry?

As aforementioned, Laura met Dan Doston in 1996, and the pair started dating soon after. While neither of them has talked about their relationship, Google suggests that the duo tied the knot in 2000. Moreover, they welcomed a son named Garrett together.

Besides Garrett, Laura Dotson’s husband has two more children from his previous marriage, and she is a loving stepmother to them both. And despite being together for many years, Laura and Don Dotson are still in love and enjoying their lives together.