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Lark Voorhies Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationship

Lark Voorhies Biography

Lark Voorhies started her journey into the entertainment world as a child actress and found much fame following her appearance in the sitcom Saved by the Bell. She continued on with her acting journey working on other projects such as The Bold and the Beautiful, How High, Family Matters, and more. Moreover, like many child stars, Lark also tried her hand and earned success with her music career.

Well, thanks to her successful professional journey, people have shown much interest in getting to know more about Lark. Thus today we will take a look at Voorhies’ childhood, career, relationship status, and more.

What Was Lark Voorhies’ Childhood Like?

The Saved By the Bell star was born Lark Holloway in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 25, 1974. Lark Voorhies’ parents are Tricia Holloway and Wayne Holloway. She was named Lark after the character from the 1972 movie Cool Breeze who was played by Margaret Avery. Voorhies was first raised in Nashville before the family moved to Pasadena, California.

Lark Voorhies’ mother, Tricia believed that she was a “natural-born ham” and took her to a talent agent. The actress’ first audition apparently ended poorly as she froze up, but her acting career started at the age of two. But since Voorhies was very shy, her mom put a hold on her career until she became more comfortable in front of the camera.

Well, while we do know that Lark started her career young, information regarding her educational background has not been revealed yet. But since she was on set filming one thing or another, Voorhies may have been homeschooled.

What Projects Has Lark Voorhies Worked On?

As aforementioned, Lark began her career as a child actress has made her acting debut at the age of two. While her career was put on hold for a while, the Nashville-born star did continue acting soon after. She appeared in a television commercial for Universal Studios Tour as a 12-year-old. She then took up Lark Voorhies as her stage name and has continued to use it to this day.

Lark Voorhies made her television debut playing the part of Brandie Ross aka Binky in the show, Small Wonder. This was followed by her appearances in Who Shrunk Saturday Morning? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, Getting By, Days of Our Lives, Me and the Boys, and more. She continued on with her acting career throughout the 90s.

However, it was Lark’s performance as Lisa Turtle, in the show Saved by the Bell that catapulted her to worldwide fame. The show was actually a Disney Channel series titled Good Morning, Miss Bliss but after it was dropped, NBC saved it and renamed it Saved by the Bell. She also worked on several TV movies under the Saved by the Bell franchise.

After gaining much prominence through the NBC show, Lark had significant parts in projects such as The Bold and the Beautiful, How to Be a Player, In the House, The Parkers, How High, Widows, Measure of Faith, and more. But after her appearance in the 2012 movie, Closer to God: Jessica’s Journey Voorhies took a long break from the acting business.

The talented actress then returned to acting, reprising her role of Lisa Turtle in the Saved by the Bell sequel in 2020. She only starred in 3 episodes between 2020 and 2021 but her performance was loved by many.

Besides her acting career, Lark Voorhies’ net worth of $500K also benefited from her music career. She was in a group called X-Girls with Yashi Brown and Stacee Brown. She then founded an alternative band, Third Degree, and was the lead singer in it. Also, Lark starred in a few music videos as a love interest over the years.

Furthermore, Lark has written and self-published three books namely Reciprocity, A True Light, and Trek of the Cheshire. Voorhies has become a constant face at different conventions in the US now and may be on the way to making her acting comeback. We wish her more success in the coming days.

Is Lark Voorhies In A Relationship?

Talking about her love life, Lark Voorhies has been in multiple high-profile relationships over the years. She dated Mark-Paul Gosselaar, her Saved by the Bell co-star during the show’s initial run but their relationship ended. Following this, Lark was in a relationship with actor and comedian Martin Lawrence. They got engaged in 1993 but called it off the following year.

Lark tied the knot for the first time in March 1996 to Miguel Coleman. The pair kept much of their marriage and relationship away from the spotlight. But this relationship too could not stand the test of time and the former couple separated in 2001 and their divorce was finalized in 2004.

Following a failed marriage, Voorhies seems to have stayed single for a while. She then met Jimmy Green, a music engineer in 2014 and started dating. A year later, on April 30, 2015, Lark and Jimmy tied the knot at a Las Vegas chapel. Sadly, only six months after the marriage, the actress filed for divorce.

Currently, Lark Voorhies seems to be enjoying her time as a single woman. There are no further reports regarding her love life. But we hope she is happy with her life.