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Kevin Morby Biography – Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Relationship

Kevin Morby Biography

American singer-songwriter, Kevin Morby has found immense fame all thanks to his time as a solo artist and a former member of The Babies and Woods. He has established himself in the indie rock and folk rock community and has amassed a great fortune. 

Well, while many are well aware of his successful musical career, some might be in the dark about his personal life. Thus, let’s get to know more about Kevin Morby’s net worth, early life, siblings, and love life. 

Raised Among The Music Scene 

The musician was born, Kevin Robert Morby, on April 2, 1988, in Texas, USA. While he grew up listening to Bob Dylan records, Kevin’s parents, Jim Morby and Sandy Morby were not much into the musical scene. Nonetheless, both Jim and Sandy are supportive of their son’s career as a performer. 

Dylan Morby’s dad worked at General Motors because of which the family moved around the country for a while. They then settled in Kansas City and Morby attended the Blue Valley Northwest High School there. He had learned how to play guitar and even formed a band as a teenager. He dropped out of school at the age of 17, got his GED, and then moved to Brooklyn. 

Kevin Morby Net Worth 

The musician’s career started long before his move to Brooklyn in the mid-2000s. He formed the band The Babies with Cassie Ramone of the Brooklyn-based band Vivian Girls. The duo released two studio albums, The Babies (2011) and Our House on the Hill (2012). 

Dylan Morby’s net worth also includes his earnings from his time with the band Woods. With Woods, he released four records, At Echo Lake, Songs of Shame, Sun and Shade, and Bend Beyond. The Texas native then put out his solo album named Harlem River in 2013. He also went on tour to support his work. 

Morby has continued to record and release solo albums and all of them have done well. His music has always received critical acclaim and has also been loved by the listeners. 

Here are some of Dylan Morby’s albums along with the year they were released: 1. Still Life (2014) 

  1. Singing Saw (2016)
  2. City Music (2017)
  3. Oh My God (2019)
  4. Sundowner (2020)
  5. This Is a Photograph (2022)

Not only has the American musician released several records over the years, he has also toured numerous times. As a result, his wealth must have increased gradually. Also, his songs are available on various streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and the video streaming site, YouTube.

Furthermore, Dylan launched his label imprint named Mare Records in June 2017. Shannon Lay is one of the artists signed to Mare Records and has already released several songs. Therefore, Dylan Morby’s net worth also benefited from his label. 

Is In A Loving Relationship 

Not only has Dylan found musical success, but he is also now in a loving relationship. He is currently dating fellow musician Katie Crutchfield. Dylan Morby’s girlfriend performs under the stage name Waxahatchee and has released several albums to date. 

Both Katie and Dylan are private about their lives and rarely talk about their relationship. However, they do not refrain from sharing pictures of themselves on social media. Well, Dylan has found his perfect half in Katie as both are musically inclined. 

But in a 2016 interview with Vogue, the former The Babies band member stated that his girlfriend was a jeweler. So, it seems like Dylan Morby had to go through a heartbreak before meeting his current partner. 

Well, we hope to continue learning more about the multi-talented artist and his life in the coming days.