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Kelly Henderson Biography – Early Life, Career & Relationship

Kelly Henderson Biography

Kelly Henderson first came into the limelight with her appearance in the reality show, Very Cavallari in the late 2010s. She gained a big following through the show and is now recognized as a celebrity groomer and stylist. Moreover, she has set up a fashion blog and podcast which focuses on men and women fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and more.

Well, along with massive fame from her television appearances, Kelly’s personal life also gained attention. Many are interested in knowing more about what Henderson did before coming into the spotlight. So, today we will take a closer look at her life.

Where Is Kelly Henderson From?

The reality show star was born Kelly Henderson on July 11, 1982. While we know that Kelly Hederson’s mother is Rhonda Henderson, details about her father’s identity are a big mystery. She has shared multiple pictures with her lovely mom on her social media and looking at them we can see that Kelly is the spitting image of Rhonda. On the other hand, who her dad is and if she has any siblings are unclear.

Well, one other thing that we do know about Kelly is that she was raised in Lafayette, Louisiana till the age of 8. Her family then reportedly moved to Baton Rouge and she spent her teen years there. Moreover, she attended Louisiana State University and graduated with a degree in mass communication in 2004, with a focus on public relations.

Moreover, while studying at LSU, Henderson was a member of the Chi Omega sorority, lived in the sorority house, and even held a position as sisterhood chair. Also, during her senior year, she did an internship in Nashville’s entertainment world and enjoyed the scene. So she then decided to pursue a career in it.

When Did Kelly Henderson Start Her Professional Journey?

As aforementioned, Kelly Henderson had a taste of the entertainment world while interning in Nashville. This helped her realize that she wanted to be involved in the field and she did succeed in it. She reportedly moved back to Nashville after graduation and started working at a modeling agency while also attending acting school. She then met a makeup artist at the agency and this helped her change her mind to get into the makeup industry.

Henderson went back to school to get her cosmetology license and started working as a makeup and hair stylist soon after. As per various sources, she served in the industry in Nashville, Tennessee for over 12 years. Moreover, her work was featured in magazines such as Glamour Magazine, Rolling Stone, People, and more.

After serving in the makeup industry, Kelly reportedly started her blog, Velvet’s Edge in 2015. The blog features content related to men’s and women’s fashion, lifestyle, beauty, health, and more. One can take ideas from the blog with their fashion queries and also many other issues. Moreover, on the website, interested people can also find much merchandise including clothing and accessories.

Besides her own business ventures, Kelly Henderson is known for her appearance in the reality show, Very Cavallari. She appeared on the series alongside her then-best friend Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, Kristin’s estranged husband. Very Cavallari premiered in July 2018 and ended in May 2020 after three seasons. Henderson herself was part of the main cast for the first two seasons while only guest starring in the 3rd season.

The show focused on Kristin and Kelly’s friendship among many other points. Despite sharing a great bond earlier, their relationship took a sour turn. One major issue between the pair was the rumors about Henderson having an affair with Cavallari’s ex-husband Jay. Well, the affair was not confirmed but the two best friends’ relationship did not survive.

Is Kelly Henderson In A Relationship?

Talking about her love life, Kelly Henderson has not been forthcoming regarding that part of her life. She prefers to keep her romantic life away from the spotlight and does not talk about it with the media. Therefore, whether she is dating anyone now is a big mystery.

However, what we do know is that she has been in a high-profile relationship in the past and has shared a few tidbits about it. Kelly Henderson’s ex-boyfriend is Bobby Bones, a musician and a former Dancing with the Stars winner. The former pair have stated that they are on great terms and also talked about their relationship on a few occasions.

Well, while we may not know who Kelly Henderson’s partner is now, we wish the talented individual all the best in her professional and personal life.