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Katie Dippold Biography – Early Life, Profession & Relationship

Katie Dippold Biography

While actors and actresses are some of the most popular people involved in any projects there are many other individuals who make it possible. Among the many that work on movies and television series, writers are maybe one of the most important bunch. Well, today we will take a look at one of the most popular screenwriters in the business, Katie Dippold.

Well, Katie is best known for her work in projects such as Parks and Recreation, The Heat and Ghostbusters. She has been working since 2004 and has found much success from her career. Well today we will take a look at Dippold’s biography and get to know her better.

Where Is Katie Dippold From?

The talented writer was born in Freehold Township, New Jersey, US on January 10, 1980. She was raised in Freehold Township and seems to have spent much of her childhood there. Well, despite her fame, information regarding Katie Dippold’s parents and family members is scarce. But in her interview with The Telegraph, it is mentioned that her mother Ellie has a job in advertising while her dad works for Nestle.

Moreover, few sites have stated that her mother Eleanor Kittredge is of Italian, Irish and English ancestry while her father is named Edward George aka Ed Dippold. Also, Katie’s parents are no longer together. Besides this, Dippold has not shared much regarding her family life.

As for her studies, following her high school graduation, Katie enrolled at Rutgers University. She has a journalism degree from there but her career aspirations were derailed after she met Chris Gethard, comedian and author in college. She was introduced to Upright Citizens Brigade, a sketch troupe and Dippold spent much of her free time taking improvisation classes there.

When Did Katie Dippold Start Her Professional Journey?

After joining Upright Citizens Brigade, Katie started her career in improvisational comedy. She wrote and performed at various stage shows as UCBT in New York City. She was part of a few improv groups there and also worked as a production intern at the Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Moreover, at one point Katie reportedly worked at a bank in Manhattan during the days while writing sketches at night.

Katie moved to Los Angeles to write for the sketch comedy show MADtv’s 12th season and also served as the co-producer for the 14th season. After the show was canceled, Dippold managed to secure a spot in the writer room of the sitcom Parks and Recreation. Between 2009 and 2012 she was credited as a writer for 31 episodes of the show and also co-produced a few of them.

Following Parks and Recreation, Katie wrote three movies, The Heat, Ghostbusters and Snatched. These movies were successful and Dippold gained prominence for her work. According to her IMDb profile, she has a few other projects in the works, one of them being the sequel of The Heat.

Furthermore, besides writing and producing movies and TV shows, Katie Dippold has also tried her hand in acting. She has starred in Players, The Heat, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Spy, Womp It Up!, Snatched and more. It is evident that the New Jersey native is very talented in her craft. We hope to see from her in the coming days.

Is Katie Dippold In A Relationship?

Well, much like her childhood and family, the talented screenwriter is also secretive about her love life. But we do know that she is in a long term relationship and resides with her partner in Los Angeles. Katie Dippold’s boyfriend is Drew Crevello, a film studio executive. But sadly further information regarding the pair’s relationship is a big mystery.

Nonetheless, we wish Katie more success and happiness in her upcoming life.