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Katie Crutchfield Biography – Early Life, Career & Romantic Relationship

Katie Crutchfield Biography

Waxahatchee, the American indie music project, has put out some of the most popular music in recent years. There are already five studio albums and an EP to Waxahatchee’s name, and fans are very happy with the music produced.

Along with Waxahatchee itself, the artist behind the project, Katie Crutchfield, is also famous in the music community. Let’s take a look at Katie’s life, including her early life, family, career, romantic relationship, and net worth.

Does Katie Crutchfield Have Any Siblings?

The talented woman behind Waxahatchee was born on January 4, 1989, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. She has one twin sibling named Allison Crutchfield, and the duo grew up in Alabama loving music. Moreover, the sister duo even had a band called P.S. Eliot before Katie started her current project, Waxahatchee.

It is unclear if the twins have any other siblings. Moreover, it is unclear who Allison and Katie Crutchfield’s parents are and how they raised the twins. Well, we do know that the Crutchfield twins were involved in the school choir and also took dance lessons. Moreover, Katie wrote songs and learned guitar, while her twin was more interested in drums.

When Did Katie Crutchfield Start Making Music Professionally?

It is evident that Katie Crutchfield and her twin sister were destined to make music their life goal. Therefore, it is no surprise that the duo was part of the four-piece band, the Ackleys, as teenagers. The band released an EP and a studio album in the three years they were together. They also performed at various locations before disbanding.

Afterward, Katie and Allison formed P. S. Eliot and had other side projects, including collaborations with other bands. As P. S. Eliot, the twin sisters released two EPs and albums before the band was dissolved in 2011. This move came after both Allison and Katie started focusing on their respective music careers.

Katie Crutchfield started working on Waxahatchee when she was still a part of P. S. Eliot. But after it disbanded, Critchfield made the indie project her main priority. Her debut album as Waxahatchee, American Weekend, was released in 2012. The bedroom-recorded record focused on longing and devastation in personal relationships.
Since then, Katie has released four more studio albums and an EP as Waxahatchee. She has also put out numerous singles and performed at various festivals around the US. She has continued to work on new music, releasing it through the project, and it is evident that she loves singing and making music on her own.

What Is Katie Crutchfield’s Net Worth?

Even though she has been in the music industry since her teenage years, the exact amount of Katie Crutchfield’s net worth is still a mystery. Nonetheless, seeing as many of her albums have been successful, there is no doubt that her fortune is considerable.

Furthermore, the Alabama native has also worked on the soundtracks of a few television products. Her songs are featured on Barry, Runaways, and The Walking Dead. Therefore, Katie’s net worth also includes her earnings from these projects.

Who Is Katie’s Boyfriend?

Many fans might be happy to know that the Waxahatchee singer is in a loving relationship. And people are not surprised that Katie Crutchfield’s boyfriend, Kevin Morby, is also a musician. The duo first crossed paths while touring, which began in 2017.

Their relationship is very hush-hush, as both Katie and Kevin prefer to showcase their musical talent rather than their personal lives. However, the duo once revealed that they moved together and now live in Overland Park, Kansas.

Katie Crutchfield and her boyfriend spent their quarantine life during the COVID-19 pandemic doing everyday things like gardening, cooking, and relaxing. However, after a while, both of them began writing new music and performing their old ones virtually.

Currently, the duo is enjoying their time together and is very much in love. We hope to see more of Katie and Kevin in the coming days.