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Kathleen Hixson Biography – Family, Career & Love Life

Kathleen Hixson Biography

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube have introduced consumers to many talented individuals around the world. Whether it is a little girl singing her heart out of a guy trying out new dance moves, the internet has helped them gain prominence in a short period of time. And among the long list of people who have showcased their talent through social media platforms is the beautiful Kathleen Hixson.

Kathleen first found fame through her TikTok videos and has since gained millions of followers. She has also gained a huge following on other platforms and is currently pursuing a career as a YouTuber. Well, besides her career trajectory, people have also shown interest in Hixson’s personal life.

Where Is Kathleen Hixson From?

The Tik Tok star was born on April 29, 2000, in the US, as per her Famous Birthdays profile. Kathleen herself has not shared much regarding her childhood and her time growing up. Hixson has remained secretive regarding her early life, so much so that which city she was born and raised in is a big mystery.

In a similar vein, information regarding Kathleen Hixson’s parents has also not been revealed to the media. But in November 2018, the beautiful social media star shared a birthday message for her younger brother. She stated that it was her little brother’s 17th birthday and posted a few pictures of him, including one of the duo as kids.

Kathleen refrained from sharing his name and has continued to keep it in the dark. Furthermore, in a few of her Tik Tok videos, Hixson has included her younger sister

Sadly, Hixson has also kept details regarding her educational background hidden. But we hope that in the coming days, we will get to know all about Kathleen’s life before fame.

When Did Kathleen Hixson Start Her Online Journey?

Aforementioned, Kathleen Hixson has remained secretive regarding her childhood and family. But we do know that she first found fame through her TikTok page. Her first documented TikTok was a video set to young artist Billie Eilish’s hit, Bad Guy in 2019. Following this, Kathleen continued to share videos of her lip-synching to popular songs of the time.

Moreover, the beautiful TikToker made videos with her good friends before collaborating with fellow TikTokers such as Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes aka the Stokes Twins. These videos were very popular among the viewers and Hixson has continued to collaborate with other creators. She currently has 2.9 million followers on the platform and has gained 32.1 million likes in her videos. It is evident that TikTok is the main focus for the talented star.

With the newfound TikTok fame, Kathleen then transitioned to YouTube setting up her channel in October 2020. She posted her first video in November 2020 where she appeared alongside frequent collaborator, Stokes Twins. Following this, Hixon uploaded videos regularly with content ranging from challenge to prank videos.

With over 730K subscribers, Kathleen Hixson’s YouTube channel has a total video view of 42 million. Each of her videos garners hundreds of thousands of views if not millions. Moreover, the talented star has continued to collaborate with her friends on YouTube too. Well, we hope she continues to find success in her online career in the coming days.

Is Kathleen Hixson Dating Anybody?

While we do know all about her professional journey, the same cannot be said about Kathleen Hixson’s love life. She has remained quiet about her personal life and continues to do so to this day. Moreover, even though she is very active on Instagram and other social media platforms, Kathleen has continued to keep her personal side away from the spotlight.

Well, despite being secretive about her life, fans have speculated that Kathleen has been dating fellow content creator Alan Stokes. The duo has not commented on these rumors and might continue to do so in the coming days. Nonetheless, we hope to know more about Kathleen Hixson and her life in the coming days.