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Joe Locke Biography – Early Life, Net Worth & Relationship Status

Joe Locke Biography

Netflix’s Heartstopper has stolen everyone’s heart thanks to its positive LGBTQ representation and amazing coming-of-age story. The show has become people’s go-to series due to its lighthearted approach to various topics. Along with the show, the cast members have also managed to leave an impression on people.

Among the many, newly popular stars of the Netflix show is the talented actor Joe Locke. With Heartstopper being his first professional work, Joe has captured the attention of viewers as well as critics. Today, we will take a look at his life before and after fame.

Who Is Joe Locke?

The Heartstopper star was born on September 24, 2003, as Joseph William Locke. He was born and brought up in the capital city, Douglas, of the little-known island nation, Isle of Man (Mann). Joe attended Ballakermeen High School there and was continuing his studies while also filming his debut series. As per his April 2022 interview, Locke was studying for his A-Level exams.

Moreover, as a Manx boy, Joe grew up in an incredibly safe and sheltered environment. His mother would not have to worry about him even if he was late at night. And while he did spend time doing things with his friends, Locke also found interest in acting from an early age.

Joe Locke participated in National Theatre Connections in 2020. As per Soho House, he was part of productions at his hometown’s theater, the Gaiety Theatre, and was also involved with the youth group at the Kensington Art Centre.

How Much Is Joe Locke’s Net Worth?

As stated above, the Manx actor was interested in acting from an early age and was part of the productions in the theater in his hometown. Moreover, Heartstopper is Joe Locke’s professional television debut. And it is evident that even in his first project, Joe has already found much success.

However, getting the part of Charlie Spring was easy for the young actor, as he was chosen out of 10,000 potential performers. Joe found the news of the casting call through a family friend and sent his headshot soon after. He then had to do a series of auditions in Zoom before doing a chemistry read with Kit Conner.

The duo’s chemistry was off the charts, and Locke then went to Windsor for an in-person audition. Joe Locke then booked the part and has not looked back since. Moreover, the actor was also in school while also filming for the popular Netflix series.

Since the show premiered on the streaming giants, Joe Locke has been in the news for his performances as well as his chemistry with co-star Kit Conner. The duo has garnered millions of fans worldwide and instantly became fan favorites.

With the success of Heartstopper, the show was renewed for two more seasons. And Joe will reprise his role as Charlie Spring in both seasons. Moreover, with his skills, Locke will undoubtedly book many significant jobs both onstage and onscreen in the years to come.

So, it won’t come as a surprise when Joe Locke’s net worth is counted in millions.

Is Joe Locke Dating Anyone?

Having starred in an LGBTQ-focused series, Joe Locke himself identifies as gay. He has openly spoken about his experience as a young gay man growing up in his country, the Isle of Man. Moreover, Locke has talked about the similarity between his own story and the character Charlie Spring’s story in Heartstopper.

Well, while he has been open about his experiences as a gay man, the Douglas native has not shared much about his love life. But let’s hope we will get to meet Joe Locke’s boyfriend in the coming days.