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Jodean Bottom Biography – Early LIfe, Career & Relationship

Jodean Bottom Biography

The Phoenix family is one of the most talked about families in Hollywood. The siblings, River, Summer, Rain, Joaquin and Liberty have all been in the entertainment business in various capacities and found success in their respective careers. However, one person in the family who has kept herself away from the media and the industry is Jodean Bottom.

Well, Jodean has remained away from the spotlight for years now but fans of the Phoenix family are very interested in her life. So, in this biography we will learn more about Bottom’s childhood, family and other personal details.

Where Did Jodean Bottom Grow Up?

Jodean Bottom was reportedly born in 1964 to John Lee Bottom. There is no information about who Jodean Bottom’s mother is and if she has any relationship with her. Jodean’s half-siblings are Rain Phoenix, River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Summer Phoenix and Liberty Phoenix and much about her bond with them is also a mystery.

Furthermore, few sources suggest that Bottom is the younger half-sister of the Phoenix siblings. However, others state that she was born even before John met his wife Arlyn Dunetz aka Heart Phoenix. This makes Jodean the eldest child of John Bottom. Also, Jodean Bottom’s father reportedly moved to Canada to avoid the Vietnam draft as a result the father-daughter duo did not have much contact in the early years.

Well, while Jodean’s half-siblings all showed interest in acting and singing from ealy on, it is unclear if she too did that. Moreover, there is very little information regarding Bottom’s childhood and her educational background.

What Does Jodean Bottom Do Professionally?

Aforementioned, Jodean comes from a family who are all involved in the entertainment industry. Her siblings have all found much fame as actors and singers as they followed in their mother, Heart Phoenix’s footsteps. But Jodean seems to have found no interest in the world of performing arts. There have been no reports about whether Bottom worked on any movies and television series.

Similarly, Jodean Bottom has remained away from the spotlight and there is no information about what she does professionally. She may have taken up a normal job to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle throughout her adulthood. Moreover, Bottom is rarely seen with her siblings which only makes people eager to know more about her professional and personal life.

On the other hand, Jodean Bottom’s half-brothers, Joaquin and River Phoenix both found much fame as actors. To this day, the late River Phoenix, is recognized for his performances in projects like Running on Empty, Stand By Me, and My Own Private Idaho. Moreover, River is one of the youngest nominees in the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor category.

Similarly, Jodean’s brother, Joaquin is regarded as one of the greatest performers in the 21st century having won numerous accolades for his work. He has starred in many movies and shows such as SpaceCamp, Parenthood, Gladiator, Hotel Rwanda, Joker, Walk the Line and many more. Phoenix is  estimated to have a net worth of $60 million to his name.

Additionally, Bottom’s half-sister, Rain, Liberty and Summer too have starred in movies and produced music. It is evident that the Phoenix family are very talented and showcased their skills in various fields over the years. And while Jodean herself has remained away from the limelight, she must have been supportive of her siblings’ career.

Is Jodean Bottom Married?

Much like her childhood and professional journey, details about the love life of Joaquin Phoenix’s half-sister is also a big mystery. In a few pictures of the Phoenix family, Jodean is reportedly seen carrying her own child. While the information have not been confirmed by anyone, seeing as Bottom is in her 50s now, she must have enjoyed a happy life.

Well, despite knowing very little about Jodean Bottom herself, we hope she is enjoying her life to the fullest.