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Jessica Henwick Biography – Childhood, Net Worth & Love Life

Jessica Henwick Biography

English actress Jessica Henwick has starred in many popular shows and movies like Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Iron Fist, and The Matrix Resurrections. This has resulted in Jessica herself finding fame and gaining a big following around the world.

Well, fans of Jessica are undoubtedly interested in knowing a little more about the actress. So, let’s look at Henwick’s biography and get to know her better.

Where Is Jessica Henwick From?

The Iron Fist star was born Jessica Yu-Li Henwick on August 30, 1992. She was born and raised in Surrey, England, alongside her younger and older brothers. Jessica Henwick’s parents are Mark Henwick and Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan, and they are pretty supportive of her career.

Moreover, Jessica’s father, Mark, is an English author known for his work, the Bite Back series. On the other hand, her mom is a Singaporean-Chinese of Teochew descent. As per Henwick, Pearlyn worked in the retail business before retiring. The mother-daughter duo even went to Singapore every year until the actress turned 14.

Jessica Henwick was interested in acting from an early age and trained at Berkshire, England’s Redroofs Theatre School, as well as at the National Youth Theatre. So, it is no surprise that she managed to book a lead role early in her career.

What Is Jessica Henwick’s Net Worth?

As aforementioned, Jessica Henwick was big into acting as a child and even trained at various reputed theaters. Then one day she and her mother noticed a casting call notice for a young boy to star in a show. They signed up Henwick’s brother, but he was not interested. However, the producers let her audition for the part and ended up rewriting the role.

In 2009, Jessica was cast as the lead character, Bo, in the BBC’s children’s adventure series, Spirit. She was the first actress of East Asian descent to play the main character on British television. To play Bo, the Surrey native trained in Wushu with Jude Poyer, a martial arts choreographer. After this, Henwick had brief roles in shows like North by Northamptonshire, The Thick of It, Monday to Friday, and Obsession: Dark Desires.

Jessica booked the part of Amy Lang in the BBC series Silk and starred in a few episodes. She reprised her role in the spin-off, Silk: The Clerks Room. Around the same time, Henwick appeared as a runaway teenager in the stage production of Running On The Cracks. Her performance was praised by critics.
Jessica Henwick joined the highly popular HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones” in 2015. She was cast as Nymeria Sand and continued appearing as the character until season seven. The English actress’ appearances in successful projects continued with her starring as Jess Pava in the 2015 movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Despite less screen time, Henwick managed to charm Star Wars fans, and the character has become a fan favorite.

The beautiful actress then starred as Colleen Wing in Marvel’s television series Iron Fist, The Defenders, and Luke Cage. In between these big projects, Jessica took time to work on short films like Baliko, Yo! My Saint, and The One That Got Away.

Jessica Henwick’s net worth continues to grow thanks to her continued appearances in projects such as Underwater, Love and Monsters, On the Rocks, Blood of Zeus, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and Moley. She also made a huge impression on audiences after appearing in The Matrix Resurrections.

Well, the English actress has been cast in several upcoming projects, including The Gray Man, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, The Royal Hotel, and Twilight of the Gods. It is evident that she will be busy for years to come.

Along with acting, the actress has also already found success as a writer. She seems to have inherited her author dad’s writing talent and has co-written an upcoming series titled Nancy Wu Done. The comedy series was picked up by Amazon in 2020. Furthermore, she has also produced and directed various projects over the years.

She also played the role of Bugs in The Matrix Resurrections, the much anticipated fourth installment of the ground-breaking series.

With the actress taking on many behind-the-scenes roles, we can assume that Jessica Henwick’s net worth will also rise in the upcoming days.

Is Jessica Henwick Dating Anyone?

We have talked all about the English actress’s professional achievements, but what about her personal life? Well, Jessica Henwick is very private about her life and has rarely opened up about it. However, we do know that she was once linked to martial artist Johnny Yang.

The pair were seen together on multiple occasions, but it seems like they are no longer together. The actress’s Instagram account also does not give us any clue about her love life. So, it might be a while before we get to meet Jessica Henwick’s boyfriend.